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Bless the entire staff of St. Anthonys and Hyland Behavioral Health for their genuine concern, helpfulness and hope.

My daughter has FASD...very difficult for one, a parent (yes, I am Biological) to assume responsibility for, and second, to center their lives around. I have done this for 16 going on 17 years. Unfortunatley, there comes a time, when love isn't enough - and that is hard to admit - as a mother, and a human being. When the cries for help aren't direct or "understandable" on our level, things begin to happen - small to very large. And when this did with my daughter, my first experience (as well as hers) with "inpatient services" with a different hospital was, lightly put, "very disheartening." Upon release, she clearly stated, "I still feel like I did, even worse."

We were given the option by her primary to visit St. Anthonys'...and reluctantly, did so. From the moment we were received, I felt a weight had been lifted, and knew she would be getting quality care, and they would LISTEN...not only to her, but to me. The caseworker and doctor spent at least 45 minutes to an hour with me alone - listening to my concerns, never once questioning or "blowing off" the seriousness of the situation. 

Everyday during her stay, I was contacted by her caseworker, Mary, who not only expressed how she was doing, but listened to me, my concerns and my objectives without question. In my experience, she personally went above and beyond anyone in the medical field.

Upon release, my daughter had a better diagnosis. To help her get the long term help she needs, St. Anthony's kept a door open for our family - for follow up, or any other help needed. Bless Mary, Dr. Zia and the entire staff of St. Anthonys and Hyland Behavioral Health for their genuine concern, helpfulness, hope, and especially for listening to me and treating me as an expert for information and concerns, believing me and her, and acting as such. Any words I can say will never be enough to show my grattitude as a mother AND a human being, for their help and kindness, and simply, humanity at its greatest. ~With Greatest Admiration~ K.Dierkes and Daughter

Kimbery Dierkes
Villa Ridge

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