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Financial Assistance

As a part of our healing mission, St. Anthony's is committed to providing quality health care services to patients regardless of their financial situation. We offer payment assistance for those who do not have insurance or who are in financial need.

The Affordable Care Act requires individuals to have health insurance coverage. The Health Insurance Marketplace enables visitors to research plans, apply for coverage and more. For more information about the Marketplace, visit or call 1-800-318-2596.

Uninsured patient discounts

A discount from the hospital’s regular billed charges will be provided to patients who do not have insurance. The discount for uninsured patients will be 40 percent. Self-pay discounts apply to everyone who does not have health insurance, no matter their ability to pay. The discounts apply to medically necessary hospital services, unless a special discount rate already applies to that service.

Medical Eligibility Program

The Medical Eligibility Program is a hospital service provided to patients at no cost. Patients may qualify for government programs which pay for all or part of their hospital and medical expenses. Patients may qualify if they are under 21 or over 65 years old, have children in the household, are pregnant, potentially disabled, or have been a victim of crime. Our hospital financial counselors will assist you with the application process.

Financial assistance evaluation

Financial assistance is available to patients who do not have the means to pay for hospital expenses and do not qualify for any government programs. Financial assistance is based on a sliding scale, taking into consideration the following: Federal Poverty Guidelines, income, assets, family size, medical needs and catastrophic costs. Financial assistance is available to all patients regardless of whether or not they have health insurance. If patients qualify for financial assistance, the amount they will pay is never more than our Medicare cost. To be considered for this assistance program, patients will be required to provide information on their household finances through a confidential Financial Application. Documentation will be requested to verify their circumstances in order to determine eligibility. Download a copy of the Patient Financial Statement form (pdf logo) and Patient Financial Statement instructions (pdf logo).

Patients are informed about our financial assistance process in a number of ways:

  • Financial counselors are available to patients during their stay.
  • Discussions about financial assistance occurs when speaking to patients on the phone about their account balances.
  • Information regarding our Financial Assistance Policy is located here and on our billing statements.

St. Anthony's Medical Center Financial Assistance Policy is reviewed annually and is subject to change without notice.

Additional financial assistance

After appropriate discounts have been applied, arrangements may be made for an interest-free monthly payment plan.

Collection practices

St. Anthony's Medical Center follows the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and refrains from certain collection practices, including body attachments, excessive phone calls and letters, foreclosures on principal residences, and actions that force bankruptcy.

Contact us

If you have concerns about your ability to pay for your care or questions about financial assistance or self-pay discounts, please call 314-525-4747 or 800-843-6312, or e-mail us at

If you would like to receive an estimate of your bill prior to care being given, just let us know! See what information we need to provide the fastest response possible.

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