St. Anthony’s Cancer Care Center


St. Anthony's Cancer Care Center's team of cancer care physicians will work with you to diagnose and treat your lung cancer in a compassionate, caring setting.

Our Multidisciplinary Team Includes:

  • Medical oncologists: These are the doctors in charge of deciding on a course of chemotherapy, powerful cancer-killing drugs.
  • Radiation oncologists: These doctors are in charge of radiation therapy. They will decide whether you are a candidate for radiation therapy and when and how it should be given.
  • Thoracic surgeons: Thoracic surgeons are specially trained to operate on the chest and lungs. Your surgeon will decide on the best surgical approach to remove the cancer.

Navigating the Journey

To provide the proper counseling to our patients, a dedicated lung cancer nurse navigator provides nursing and navigational help to each patient. The navigator will follow patients through the course of their treatment and ensure that they receive the proper screenings and care.

Two dietitians also follow our cancer patients, especially those with head and neck cancers, to provide nutritional assistance.