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Your Health Today
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Did you know:

bulletThe average healthy heart beats 35 million times each year.

bulletThe amount of blood pumped by the heart over a lifetime could fill more than three supertankers.

Pump Up Your Heart Smarts

As we head into the warm, active months, take time to assess your own heart health. The heart is the engine pushing blood throughout your body, delivering vital oxygen and nutrients with every heartbeat.

Be heart healthy! Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Every 25 seconds, someone will experience a heart attack or other dangerous heart event. It’s time to start focusing on keeping your heart healthy!

A recent health report found that these key factors put you at risk for heart disease:

Sources: 2011, American Heart Association; National Institutes of Health; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

There's good news — eat a healthy diet, keep a lean body mass, commit to regular exercise and avoid smoking and you'll minimize your risk. The take-home message? See your doctor regularly to know if you are at risk for heart disease and to learn more heart-healthy habits.

Check your heart's health

Take the first step. Talk with your doctor about scheduling a heart health screening. A typical screening includes checking weight, height, waist circumference and Body Mass Index (BMI).

“A metabolic screening also is performed,” says Denise Kimble, RN, BSN, manager of community wellness and testing services at St. Anthony’s Urgent Care Centers.

“That includes a blood test to evaluate total cholesterol as well as HDL and LDL levels, triglycerides and blood sugar. We'll also look at the cholesterol ratio (total cholesterol ÷ HDL), which ideally should be at or below 5:1. The cholesterol ratio is fast becoming a standard indicator to check for presence or risk of heart disease.”

Want an easy way to get a heart health screening?

Head to any of St. Anthony’s Urgent Care Centers in Lemay, Arnold, Crestwood and Fenton.

No appointment necessary, but make sure not to eat (fast) for at least 8-12 hours prior to your test. Cost: $60.

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For information, please call our Health Access Line at 314-ANTHONY (268-4669) or 800-554-9550 or visit find a physician online.

Working as trusted partners, the physicians and employees of St. Anthony's Health System will deliver care distinguished by its demonstrated quality and personalized service. We will be visibly engaged in improving the health and well­ being of the communities we serve in South County and beyond. We will stand together, proud to set the standard for independent community health systems.