St. Anthony’s Cancer Care Center


Chemotherapy, also called medical oncology, is the use of powerful drugs to kill cancer. It is considered a systemic (body-wide) treatment because the medicine affects the entire body, not just the cancerous site.

Your doctor will determine the best way to receive chemotherapy if it is prescribed. Options include

  • Orally — by taking a pill or pills prescribed by your physician
  • Intravenously — through an IV direct into your veins
  • Injections — with injections into the bloodstream or into the fluid that surrounds your spinal cord or brain
  • Chemoembolization — one of the most advanced chemotherapy treatments, chemoembolization puts chemotherapy drugs directly into the arteries to cut off a tumor’s blood supply.

Chemotherapy may be prescribed on its own to treat cancer or may be used in combination with other treatments, such as surgery or radiation.

Depending upon your cancer treatment plan, you may be able to receive your chemotherapy treatments on an outpatient basis. St. Anthony’s Cancer Care Center has a dedicated Outpatient Infusion Center for patients to receive chemotherapy treatments in a comfortable environment. The Infusion Center is available for both patients seeing a cancer specialist at St. Anthony’s as well as those who have doctors at other institutions but may wish to receive their treatments closer to home.