Hyland Behavioral Health

Hyland Behavioral Health

Because recovery from a psychiatric disorder or chemical dependency is an ongoing progression, Hyland Behavioral Health offers a full range of services designed to meet our patients' continuously changing needs.

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St. Anthony’s Medical Center Hyland Behavioral Health offers several outpatient programs. These programs can be accessed by calling the outpatient department at 314-525-7296 to schedule an assessment for outpatient services.

To obtain an assessment immediately, the Emergency Department provides 24/7 access to services and for behavioral health assessments.

Acute Inpatient Stabilization Services

Hyland serves individuals facing a mental health crisis that puts them at risk to hurt themselves or others. We do not offer primary chemical dependency or detox services, but if someone has both chemical dependency and mental health issues, they may be a good fit for our program. We operate in a multidisciplinary team model with a psychiatrist overseeing each patient’s care and treatment from admission through discharge. Each team is composed of RNs, a master's-level case manager, recreational therapist, music therapist, and nurse aid or tech. In addition, chaplain services, nutrition and other services are available. Our program focuses on helping patients through a severe crisis, so they can return to their homes, with follow up treatment to address ongoing concerns.

Inpatient facilities:

  • Hyland Behavioral Health’s inpatient program consists of adult and adolescent units.
  • All bedrooms are semi-private, although a private room is possible under certain circumstances and when warranted.
  • The units are coeducational, with each bedroom having its own bathroom.

Electroconvulsive Treatment

Electroconvulsive therapy is an effective form of treatment. At St. Anthony’s Medical Center, it is offered in the ECT Suite at Hyland Behavioral Health. The ECT Suite is open for ECT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Treatment appointments are based on the times your treating physician is available. This may vary from time to time based on the doctor’s schedule and the number of patients being treated.

We recommend you or your physician contact our ECT Department regarding your insurance coverage for ECT at least 48 hours prior to requesting an ECT appointment.

In order to receive ECT treatments the following documentation and tests need to be received at least 24 hours before we can schedule an appointment:

  • Laboratory tests, including CBC and comprehensive metabolic panel
  • Chest X-ray (as directed by physician)
  • Pregnancy test for women still having periods
  • EKG
  • Medical history and physical including medical clearance for ECT
  • Depending on your medical condition, more information may be requested
  • Psychiatric evaluation

All of this information may be faxed to ECT 314-525-4468: If you have any questions, please call the department at 314-525-3403.


  • Do not eat or drink after midnight before ECT. This includes water, soda, coffee and candy (all liquids and solid foods).
  • Do not drive yourself to the hospital.
  • Do not take your morning medicines unless we have asked you to do so.
  • If you should eat or drink before coming to the hospital, please call the ECT Department.
  • In case of emergency or a change in discharge time, we will need to be able to contact your family, friend or driver at all times.

Outpatient Services

There are many outpatient programs offered at St. Anthony's at Hyland Behavioral Health. The outpatient program offers services for psychiatric, chemical dependency and dual diagnostic patients, as well as adolescents 12 to 17 (up to 18 if still in high school). To schedule an appointment to access outpatient services, please call 314-525-7296.

For immediate attention, please utilize the St. Anthony’s Medical Center Emergency Department or call 911.

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