de Greeff Hospice House to host Ozarks Photographic Exhibit Aug. 8

Media Contact Joe Poelker
Release Date: 08/03/2015 By St. Anthony's Medical Center

St Louis landscape photographer Edward Martin

Ed Martin shows one of the photographs he will have on display during his art show.

An art exhibit in St. Anthony’s at de Greeff Hospice House? It had never been done.

That is, until a patient at de Greeff asked that his photographic images be presented to the public as his “last hurrah,” and the staff of St. Anthony’s Medical Center worked to make his wish a reality.

From 3 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 8, St. Louis landscape photographer Edward Martin will host an art show for a selection of his Missouri Ozark landscape photography in the living room of the de Greeff Hospice House. The exhibit is free.

Until he was sidelined recently due to his battle with prostate cancer, Ed had plenty of irons in the fire and served in additional roles as a teacher, graphic designer and filmmaker. In 2012, he staged an exhibit to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Missouri Department of Conservation to highlight the beauty and diversity of the Missouri Ozark landscape. But he never got around to showing these photographs in the St. Louis area, until now.

Recently, Ed talked with Chaplain Bob Eigenrauch about showing a sampling of the Ozark photographs at de Greeff. From there, Ruth Southards, Director of Hospice, worked to gain the necessary approvals and iron out details with co-workers ranging from hospice staff to St. Anthony’s senior leadership.

“Honoring our patients’ last wishes is one of the rewards of what we do,” Ruth said. “We enjoy helping them complete that last item on their bucket list. It has been a pleasure to help Ed organize this – he has done a lot of the work.”

Cathy Sandy, Volunteer Coordinator for St. Anthony’s Hospice/de Greeff Hospice House, said she is pleased Ed’s photographic works will be showcased to the public. “He has a remarkable talent for capturing natural beauty,” Cathy said.

Ed, 67, grew up in South County and lives in the Tower Grove South neighborhood of St. Louis. By his own admission, he has spent many hours “in the middle of nowhere” to portray the depth and soul of his beloved Ozarks.

“I’m very enamored with and deeply steeped in the beauty of the Ozarks, and I almost never mean Lake of the Ozarks,” he said with a chuckle. “The photos in this show represent some personal images that I have captured in recent years, places with which I have become familiar through repeated visits to photograph, swim, hike, and to just meditate. I have come to see the images more as portraits of the areas rather than just depictions of a beautiful scene.

“Most people do not know what’s in Missouri,” he added. “Because of the topography and the glaciation and the plate shifts from when the Ozark Mountains were formed, they’re so much older than any other mountain range: they’re just big hills now. But because of all that, they’ve created these human waterparks, these shut-ins, through volcanic activity and glaciation.”

For more information, visit Edward Martin Photography on Facebook.