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First-in-the-World Stent-Graft Surgery Performed at St. Anthony's Medical Center

Media Contact Joe Poelker
Release Date: 11/21/2013 By St. Anthony's Medical Center

Brian Peterson, M.D., vascular surgeon

Brian Peterson, M.D., vascular surgeon

A patient is recovering after undergoing a first-in-the-world surgery at St. Anthony’s Medical Center. Brian Peterson, M.D., who is a vascular surgeon specializing in treating aneurysms, is the first surgeon to implant the iliac branch stent-graft.

The patient is the first enrolled in the Gore Excluder Iliac Branch Clinical Study. The investigational study is testing the safety and effectiveness of the new stent in treating aortic and iliac aneurysms. If approved, this new device would allow more patients to undergo a less invasive endovascular procedure, which implants the stent through an artery, rather than an “open surgery”. The less invasive surgery helps speed up recovery time. This new stent-graft is also designed to preserve vital blood flow to the pelvis by including an additional “branch” in the stent, compared to the traditional device used now.

“This new device offers a treatment not previously available for patients who have an aneurysm of their aortic and iliac arteries,” said Dr. Peterson. “Before this device was available, repairs of this type of aneurysm required sacrificing one of the major blood vessels, putting the patient at risk of decreased blood flow to the pelvis. That decreased blood flow most commonly manifests as pain while walking, and difficulty walking. With this new device, patients can be back to their normal daily activities with fewer restrictions more quickly.”

“I’m thankful to be a physician at St. Anthony’s Medical Center, where a variety of people are involved in making innovations like this one happen, from the clinical research coordinators to the outstanding vascular surgery nursing staff that we have in the operating room.”