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Menopause facts quiz

1. Menopause begins for most women at what age?

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The correct answer is C. Menopause usually occurs sometime between age 40 and 58, but the typical age is 51, according to NAMS. With menopause a woman experiences permanent cessation of menstruation.

2. How many consecutive menstrual cycles does a woman
miss before she’s considered to be in menopause?

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The correct answer is D. Menopause begins at the point when a woman has had her last menstrual cycle, according to NAMS. You won't know whether you have had your last period until you have been period-free for one year.

3. Hot flashes are symptoms of the pre-menopausal stage.
How many pre-menopausal women experience them?

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The correct answer is B. Menopause-related hot flashes usually follow a consistent unique pattern for each woman. According to NAMS, most women experience hot flashes for 3-5 years before they taper off. Although some women never have a hot flash or only experience hot flashes for a few months, others may have them for several years, even onto their 70’s and beyond.

4. What is the most serious adverse effect of menopause?

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The correct answer is D. Bones thin when ovaries stop producing estrogen and cholesterol levels can rise, which threatens heart health.

5. A woman’s bone mass peaks between the ages of 20 and 30. How much bone
loss occurs during the peri-menopause and menopausal years?

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The correct answer is B. According to NAMS, bone loss gradually occurs after age 30, with acceleration to about 2% per year at 2 -3 years before menopause until 3 -4 years afterward. Then, bone loss slows to about 1-1.5% per year.

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) is the leading nonprofit scientific organization dedicated to promoting health and quality of life of women through menopause and beyond.  If you are interested in learning more about menopause, please visit their Web site at www.menopause.org.

[Source: Adapted from Healthline.com]

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