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Patricia  House

More energy after treatment for atrial fibrillation

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Café 21 (Hospital Cafeteria)

Thursday, April 9

Entrees: roasted pork loin*, chicken a la king, mashed potatoes with gravy, brown rice pilaf*, dinner roll, green beans*, stewed tomatoes*, broccoli and cauliflower*

Grill: mushroom burger, toasted ravioli

Bar: pork potstickers

Soup: chicken noodle

Friday, April 10

Entrees: crispy fried flounder, hanger steak*, mac and cheese, sour cream and chive whipped potatoes*, Texas toast, cauliflower with cheese sauce, spring vegetable blend*, creamed spinach

Grill: Mediterranean turkey burger

Bar: baked potato

Soup: Mediterranean vegetable

Monday, April 13

Entrees: sweet and sour chicken*, chicken Parmesan, jasmine rice*, herbed pasta, garlic bread, Sicilian vegetable blend*, green beans with ham, corn O’Brien

Grill: California turkey burger, curly fries

Bar: chicken tortilla soup

Soup: potato leek

Tuesday, April 14

Entrees: beef enchiladas, pot roast*, Spanish rice, whipped potatoes with gravy*, cornbread muffins, broccoli and cauliflower*, creamed spinach, honey-glazed carrots*

Grill: corned beef Reuben, fried mushrooms

Bar: Greek salad

Soup: minestrone

Wednesday, April 15

Entrees: taco bar (taco beef, seasoned pulled chicken*, corn/black bean salsa, jalapeños, black olives, tomatoes, salsa, shredded cheese, sour cream, shredded lettuce, guacamole), refried beans, cilantro rice*, cornbread, Malibu vegetable blend*

Grill: gyro, wedge fries

Bar: spinach salad

Soup: chicken noodle

Thursday, April 16

Entrees: blackened pork, oven-roasted turkey*, couscous*, mashed potatoes with gravy*, Brussels sprouts with bacon, zucchini and squash*, peach cobbler, dinner roll

Grill: bistro burger, fried ravioli

Bar: baked potato

Soup: vegetable beef

Friday, April 17

Entrees:  seafood-stuffed pollock*, meat lasagna, rice pilaf*, scalloped potatoes, breadsticks, stewed tomatoes*, green beans with onions*, broccoli*

Grill: tuna melt, chipotle cheesy bursts

Bar: French onion soup in bread bowl with Swiss cheese

Soup: potato cheese chowder, white chicken chili

Monday, April 20

Entrees: chicken-fried steak, cabbage rolls*, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy*, biscuits, green beans*, roasted beets*, roasted butternut squash*

Grill: Italian King Gerber sandwich, curly fry

Bar: chicken tortilla soup

Soup: chicken and wild rice

*indicates Amazing You items

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