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From life support to living life

 To the entire staff at St. Anthony’s Medical Center,

 On March 12, 2014 I was admitted with a stress induced Asthma attack of
perhaps the worst kind your physicians had ever seen. After being on life
support for perhaps a week, I awoke in ICU where your staff of Doctors and
Nurses attended to me in the most kind and Christian manner I have ever seen.
I understand that Doctors Pepper, Nelson and Ahmed attended to me during the critical time and never gave up, as well as my regular physician Dr. Grewal.
As a Catholic the Eucharistic ministers were there as well to offer communion.
After perhaps the 7th day staff members took me to the 8th floor for treatment
and rehab, as I was very week. There the staff of Nurses and Nurse Assistants
looked in at least every 2 hours for vitals and breathing treatments with the
utmost of dignity and respect. One particular Nurse I would like to thank and
possibly thank in person soon is Maria, a Red Haired and young professional
who helped me eat and shave and generally get cleaned up when it was hard
 for me to walk.
I am also giving special praise to your Culinary Staff, as it was particularly hard
to swallow after having tubes in for almost a week. However they found the
time to mix a few ensure drinks with ice cream making everything easier to
I am eternally thankful to everyone involved for my recovery and rediscovered
one thing about asthma, never stop using my inhaler, and to minimize any
amounts of stress that life presents. I believe that through Gods hand and a
great Staff at St. Anthony’s a miracle occurred to allow me to lead a long and
productive life.
Christopher D Rudolph

Christopher (Chris) Rudolph

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