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They fought for me....they made me fight!

My amazing story!

It was just three years ago this past June.  My daughter was expecting twins any day, so I was over at her house helping her.  I was preparing a meatloaf for dinner, when all of a sudden I slipped on her hardwood kitchen floor.  I fell hard and hit my head.  After laying there a few moments, I got up and I though I was none the worse for wear.

For the next five days I had a slight heachache.  I did not think it was related to the fall.  My husband, Wayne, and I went to dinner. Upon coming home my head started hurting really bad...then I started seeing double and throwing up. Wayne threw me in the car and we went to St. Anthony's ER.

As soon as they saw me come in the door...they knew! They knew I was in serious trouble!  I don't remember much..they did a CT scan finding two brain bleeds. They told my sweet husband to call in our grown children and my 87-year-old parents, to say goodbye to me. Even with the deadly news, I felt them - nurses and doctors - trying everything they knew to save me.  Their touch, their voices, their spirit was contageious...THEY FOUGHT FOR ME..THEY MADE ME FIGHT! 

They battled for my life, and with the help of the good Lord, I am here today!  Yes, the twins were born three days after my brain bleed.  St. Anthony's gave me a gift that fateful day. The gift of letting me spend more time on this earth, loving our eight, yes EIGHT granddaughters!

Thank you St. Anthony's you are the best of the BEST!

Kind Regards,

Rebecca Humes
St. Louis

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