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I trusted St. Anthony's with my care and I was not let down.

I was two months out from just giving birth to my twin girls when I noticed that my back was hurting very badly when I would bend over to change diapers or really to do anything. I had a c-section and I received a spinal block (this was my first c-section).

When I arrived at St. Anthony's, I was immediately taken back to get my vitals and register. Then off to the waiting room I went. I wasn't there 30 minutes before I was called back and taken into a room. IV started and blood taken - I was just waiting for the doctor. She came in my room and asked me some questions. She said, "Monika, don't worry we're going to find out what is going on."

Within 30 minutes of being in my room, I was off to get an ultrasound and then a CT scan. After that I was wheeled back into my room awaiting results. My doctor came in right away. She told she that she was going to admit me. She said the ultasound showed that I had over 27 gallstones and I also had bulging disc in my back.

They put in a consult to Dr. Beckman and he was in before I knew what to think. He explained that he was going to do surgery first thing in the morning and that I was going to be ok. Upon being admitted, not only were the staff members good to me but they were good to my husband as well. I had surgery the next day and it went great. I stayed in a total of three days and then I went home. I followed up with Dr. Beckman who was by far one of the greatest, nicest, and most amazing doctors ever. I trusted St. Anthony's with my care and I was not let down by any means. I would reccomend all my friends and family to go there. Thank you SAMC for treating me so kindly.

Monika Kelly

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Working as trusted partners, the physicians and employees of St. Anthony's Health System will deliver care distinguished by its demonstrated quality and personalized service. We will be visibly engaged in improving the health and well­ being of the communities we serve in South County and beyond. We will stand together, proud to set the standard for independent community health systems.