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Acute Rehabilitation Unit

Information for patients



You should dress comfortably in order to fully participate in a variety of activities and therapies. Loose-fitting clothes that are easily fastened work best.

You will need:

  • Four to five changes of washable daytime clothes (slacks, shorts, shirts, etc.). You will not wear pajamas, gowns or robes during the day.
  • Comfortable shoes (tennis or casual lace-up type)
  • Sweater or long-sleeved shirt

Your family is responsible for keeping your clothes laundered. Be sure to put your name on all clothing.

Personal items

Personal items

Please bring the following items:

  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • shaving equipment
  • shaving cream
  • cosmetics
  • deodorant
  • shampoo
  • other toiletries
  • hearing aid
  • dentures
  • eyeglasses, etc.



Please bring any special equipment you are now using at home:

  • wheelchair
  • walker
  • braces
  • crutches
  • prosthesis



If you are admitted from home, please bring a list of all of your present medications to the nurse’s station for identification. Your nurse will get permission from your rehabilitation physician for continued use of your medications. Your physician must prescribe all medications you receive on the Acute Rehabilitation Unit.



Please leave non-essential valuables at home. St. Anthony’s Medical Center cannot assume responsibility for loss or theft of valuables, including jewelry and money.

Daily schedule

Daily schedule

Once a schedule is determined, your days follow a fairly regular pattern. A large schedule board is located across from the nurse’s station with your daily activities posted. You will spend most of day in physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions. Lunch, dinner and rest breaks also are scheduled.



Private insurance, Medicaid and managed care benefits are verified prior to admission. This is not a guarantee of payment. Throughout your stay, case managers (social workers) will work to obtain continued authorization from your insurance.

Private payment can be arranged through St. Anthony’s Medical Center financial counselors.



You will be involved in many therapy and nursing activities throughout the day. Therapy sessions are not interrupted for visitors.

Family and other visitors are encouraged to visit:

  • Monday – Saturday from 4 to 8 p.m.
  • Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Patient rooms

Patient rooms

The Acute Rehabilitation Unit has 22 semi-private rooms, four medical isolation rooms and a transitional apartment. You probably will have a roommate. On occasion, you may be required to move to another room with advance notice.

Dining room program

Patients in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit eat their meals in a homelike dining room. Meals are served in this fashion so you can socialize with other patients and families. This also allows you to be closely monitored if you are on special precautions. All patients are encouraged to eat noon and evening meals in the dining room. Patients who participate in the special dining program as part of their treatment plan also eat breakfast in the dining room.

Transitional apartment

A transitional apartment offers you and your family an opportunity to simulate your home environment and practice skills needed for discharge from the St. Anthony’s Medical Center. The apartment has a homelike setting with a regular double bed, small kitchen and living room area and access to rehabilitation staff if supervision or assistance is needed. Patients and their families are recommended by the rehabilitation team to participate in this program.



Preparations for your discharge begin at the pre-admission screening visit by the admissions coordinator and continue until you leave. The physician, case manager (social worker), or entire rehabilitation team may have a conference with you and your family prior to you discharge to review your progress and plan your follow-up care needs. Recommendations and plans will be finalized at that time.

Community re-entry

The Acute Rehabilitation Unit provides you with an opportunity to take supervised trips into the community for the purpose of reintegration and recreation. Patients who participate experience a variety of opportunities to develop and maximize physical, social and emotional skills necessary for reintegration into the community appropriate for their lifestyle after discharge. The rehabilitation team recommends patients and participation is voluntary.

Follow-up care

Following discharge from the Acute Rehabilitation Unit, you may continue to receive care through the following services:

For more information, call 314-525-7226.

Patient rights

According to Medicare guidelines, all inpatient rehabilitation facilities must inform the Medicare inpatient of the following rights with respect to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Patient Assessment instrument:

  • The right to be informed of the purpose of the patient assessment data collection.
  • The right to have any patient assessment information that is collected remain confidential and secure.
  • The right to be informed that the patient assessment information will not be disclosed to others except for legitimate purposes allowed by the Federal Privacy Act and Federal and State regulations.
  • The right to refuse to answer patient assessment data questions.
  • The right to see, review and request changes on the patient assessment instrument.

All patients, regardless of payment source, will be informed of these rights.

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