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Steve     Kovach

An inspiration to others after stroke.

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News Archives

9/1/2015: Auxiliary donates $250,000 to St. Anthony's

9/1/2015: Hospice life-review program changes lives

8/24/2015: Primary Care Physician Joins St. Anthony's

8/10/2015: Nurse Kristine Ruzicka pitches in at accident scene

8/9/2015: Nurse Susan Schraut honored with Scouting's highest honor

8/3/2015: Easy ways to make healthier school lunches

8/3/2015: de Greeff Hospice House to host Ozarks photographic exhibit Aug. 8

7/22/2015: Fast-tracked care: retired schoolteacher enjoying life after open-heart surgery

7/22/2015: Skip to the skis: Pharmacist cured of painful vein condition

7/16/2015: Parenting class available free to St. Louis County residents

7/8/2015: Primary care physician services expands into Eureka

7/6/2015: David Sindelar named CEO

7/6/2015: Psychiatrist added to expand behavioral health services

6/29/2015: Students awarded $114,000 in college scholarships

6/16/2015: Cardiothoracic surgery services expand with addition of second surgeon

6/3/2015: Family Medicine Physician Joins Arnold Practice

5/20/2015: Safe Sleep Hospital certification

5/13/2015: Protect yourself to avoid skin cancer

4/17/2015: Psychiatrist joins St. Anthony's

4/10/2015: Breast surgeon joins St. Anthony's

4/7/2015: Physician practices first in St. Louis area to achieve Stage 6 for use of electronic medical records

4/1/2015: Leading cardiothoracic surgeon joins St. Anthony's

3/27/2015: Dr. Johar joins Kirkwood practice

3/27/2015: Sometimes a lump is just a lump

3/23/2015: New Level One Stroke Center certification

3/10/2015: Labor & Delivery nurse named Excellence in Nursing Awards finalist

3/5/2015: Common condition without symptoms harms heart health

2/26/2015: Radiation Oncologist joins St. Anthony's

2/17/2015: First in Missouri to offer Topera diagnostic tool

2/11/2015: Physician practices among national leaders in advancing use of electronic health records

2/9/2015: Heart patient receives relief in less than an hour

2/5/2015: Exercise in pregnancy: Can I, should I, and how?

2/4/2015: Dr. Allen is first in St. Louis area to use newly approved treatment

2/2/2015: Husband and wife support each other as he recovers from cardiac arrest and she fights breast cancer

1/12/2015: Trying to be Wonder Woman can harm your health

1/1/2015: St. Louis' first new year baby for 2015

12/11/2014: Show her you care about her heart

12/8/2014: AccuVein technology improves patient care

12/8/2014: Jefferson College students receive scholarships

12/4/2014: Flu season starts earlier than last year

12/1/2014: Primary care physician joins South County practice

11/14/2014: Patient shares his experience being saved by an AED

11/13/2014: The jawbone is connected to ... a lot of things

11/12/2014: Automated External Defibrillators Donated to Community Organizations

10/22/2014: St. Anthony's at Southwest Medical Center celebrates 60 years of history

10/16/2014: Cervical cancer screening: When do I get a Pap?

10/15/2014: First in St. Louis area with accredited vein services

10/14/2014: Auxiliary donates $300,000 to St. Anthony's

10/9/2014: First flu cases confirmed in the middle of enterovirus outbreak

10/2/2014: Radiation Oncologist joins St. Anthony's

10/1/2014: Two Obstetrician/Gynecologists join St. Anthony's

9/29/2014: Ernest Hill Jr. named Officer of the Year for Whelan Security

9/18/2014: Skip the Pap smear, but not the well-woman visit

9/15/2014: South County bicyclist on a ride to better health

9/12/2014: Jim Tune honored with Distinguished Quality Professional Award

9/12/2014: What you need to know about outbreak of respiratory illnesses

9/4/2014: Grants benefit Parents as Teachers program

9/3/2014: Breast cancer survivor is a "Portrait of Hope" for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

8/21/2014: Dealing with the emotional toll of back-to-school

8/18/2014: St. Anthony's among national leaders advancing use of electronic health records

8/7/2014: Back-to-School Drive helps families in our community

8/5/2014: Pack healthy lunches for your kids when they head back to school

8/1/2014: Celebrate "World Breastfeeding Week" by learning the benefits of breastfeeding

8/1/2014: Pulmonologist and Critical Care Specialist joins medical staff

7/24/2014: How to talk to your kids about the s-word

7/14/2014: Charitable Foundation donation helps pay for charity care

7/9/2014: Sports and Physical Therapy Office and Diabetes Education office move

6/26/2014: Going to Google more than your doctor

6/11/2014: Increase in tick cases at Urgent Care Centers

5/30/2014: Giving birth again after a C-Section

5/29/2014: Chief Nursing Officer promoted to Office of the President

5/28/2014: Employees boost their donation to Heart Care Fund

5/23/2014: Gail Chellis elected to national board

5/22/2014: Crisis service: thoughts from an Emergency Department paramedic

5/12/2014: St. Anthony's dietitian helping local food pantry

5/5/2014: Women twice as likely as men to have gallstones

5/1/2014: Learn the warning signs of stroke to help save lives

4/9/2014: Heading back outdoors in spring can lead to injuries

4/4/2014: How to fit in exercise

4/1/2014: Laboratory director to serve on national advisory panel

3/24/2014: Online check-in now available for Urgent Care Centers

3/20/2014: Dr. Botteron first in Missouri to use newly designed catheter for hearts

3/7/2014: Scholarships will help students studying to become health professionals

3/3/2014: Help with new cholesterol guidelines

2/26/2014: St. Anthony's implants its first miniature cardiac monitor

2/21/2014: Hypertension: The silent killer

2/12/2014: Love her heart this Valentine's Day

2/10/2014: The health risks of unsightly veins

2/2/2014: Cardiologist shares advice for heart health

1/7/2014: Be prepared before you hit the road

1/7/2014: Freezing temperatures puts everyone at risk for frostbite

1/2/2014: Blessing and ribbon cutting for Emergency Department

12/10/2013: Flu season hits St. Louis area

11/25/2013: Eat healthier at the holidays without giving up traditional favorites

11/21/2013: First-in-the-world stent-graft surgery performed at St. Anthony's Medical Center

11/20/2013: Brammer to serve on AIS Certification Board

11/18/2013: Hyland Behavioral Health receives $2 million to help troubled teens

11/11/2013: Sister Mary Ann Eultgen honored as "ageless and remarkable"

10/31/2013: Dr. Forand discourages heroin use

10/14/2013: Caring for those who care: Auxiliary donates $300,000 to St. Anthony's departments

9/30/2013: Tips to prepare your family for disaster

9/23/2013: Dr. Ortmeyer, Dot Schillinger honored with Spirit of St. Anthony Awards

9/19/2013: Hypertension Clinic opens for high blood pressure

9/16/2013: Boy Scout boosts birdwatching with new feeders for deGreeff Hospice House

9/9/2013: Parents as Teachers Programs in local schools districts receive donations

9/4/2013: 'Grow your own' grant will help enhance healthcare workforce

9/3/2013: Employees donate more life-saving equipment to community

1/1/2000: Havarti cheese with roasted vegetables on marble rye

1/1/2000: Mozzarella, tomato, and basil on whole wheat bread

1/1/2000: Pepper jack, avocado, and cilantro grilled cheese on whole wheat bread

1/1/2000: Grilled farmer's market sandwiches

1/1/2000: Red wine chocolate sauce

1/1/2000: Tuscan rice and beans

1/1/2000: Fish with tomatoes, olives and artichokes

1/1/2000: Caramelized onion tart

1/1/2000: Garden linguini

1/1/2000: Green Smoothie

1/1/2000: Guilt-free lemonade

1/1/2000: Roasted root medley

1/1/2000: Frozen pumpkin mousse pie

1/1/2000: Light Homemade Cranberry Sauce

1/1/2000: Peanut butter and pretzel truffles

1/1/2000: No-cook tomato sauce with penne

1/1/2000: White-bean salad with zucchini and Parmesan

1/1/2000: Southwestern chicken wrap

1/1/2000: Fresh corn tomato salad

1/1/2000: Asian rotisserie chicken salad

1/1/2000: Black jack tacos

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