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Perinatal Center gives peace of mind

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News Archives

4/9/2014: Heading back outdoors in spring can lead to injuries

4/4/2014: How to fit in exercise

4/1/2014: Laboratory director to serve on national advisory panel

3/24/2014: Online check-in now available for Urgent Care Centers

3/24/2014: Neurosurgeon joins medical staff

3/20/2014: Dr. Botteron first in Missouri to use newly designed catheter for hearts

3/7/2014: Scholarships will help students studying to become health professionals

3/6/2014: Urgent Care Centers treating an increase in strep throat cases

3/3/2014: Help with new cholesterol guidelines

2/26/2014: Lewis Rice HEART Unit expands

2/26/2014: St. Anthony's implants its first miniature cardiac monitor

2/21/2014: Hypertension: The silent killer

2/12/2014: Love her heart this Valentine's Day

2/10/2014: The health risks of unsightly veins

2/2/2014: Cardiologist shares advice for heart health

1/9/2014: Beverly Bokovitz named Chief Nursing Officer

1/7/2014: Be prepared before you hit the road

1/7/2014: Freezing temperatures puts everyone at risk for frostbite

1/2/2014: First newborn of 2014

1/2/2014: Blessing and ribbon cutting for Emergency Department

12/10/2013: Flu season hits St. Louis area

11/26/2013: Taylor to serve on ASHE Board

11/25/2013: Eat healthier at the holidays without giving up traditional favorites

11/21/2013: First-in-the-world stent-graft surgery performed at St. Anthony's Medical Center

11/20/2013: Brammer to serve on AIS Certification Board

11/19/2013: Frame named General Counsel

11/18/2013: Hyland Behavioral Health receives $2 million to help troubled teens

11/11/2013: Sister Mary Ann Eultgen honored as "ageless and remarkable"

10/31/2013: Dr. Forand discourages heroin use

10/14/2013: Caring for those who care: Auxiliary donates $300,000 to St. Anthony's departments

10/3/2013: Breast Center helps save women across the world

9/30/2013: Tips to prepare your family for disaster

9/23/2013: Dr. Ortmeyer, Dot Schillinger honored with Spirit of St. Anthony Awards

9/19/2013: Hypertension Clinic opens for high blood pressure

9/16/2013: Boy Scout boosts birdwatching with new feeders for deGreeff Hospice House

9/9/2013: Parents as Teachers Programs in local schools districts receive donations

9/4/2013: 'Grow your own' grant will help enhance healthcare workforce

9/3/2013: Employees donate more life-saving equipment to community

8/20/2013: Nurse earns award from ambulance service

8/12/2013: Mental health, lifestyle choices and health care accessibility top the list of community health priorities

8/9/2013: Forand named president of medical, dental, and podiatric staff

8/2/2013: Retired firefighter is back to boating, bicycling after single-incision, robotic-assisted gallbladder surgery

7/25/2013: Unique leadership model includes three physicians

7/22/2013: St. Anthony's donates life-saving equipment to community

7/17/2013: New gastroenterologist welcomed

7/10/2013: St. Anthony's welcomes another neurosurgeon

6/25/2013: Surgeon performs robotic, single-incision gallbladder removal

6/20/2013: Scholarship recipients announced

6/18/2013: Board appoints new CEO

6/11/2013: Employees give thousands for healthier hearts

6/10/2013: Staff earns award for saving lives

6/6/2013: Hospital awards Hollinshead with Service of the Heart Award

5/20/2013: Stroke Program honored by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

4/19/2013: Special delivery: SimMom makes debut at St. Anthony's

4/19/2013: Free help navigating Medicare

4/15/2013: St. Anthony’s ranks with top ten percent of hospitals nationwide for implementation of Electronic Medical Record system

4/15/2013: Allergens arrive early - misery is close behind

3/28/2013: Easter bunnies come early

3/25/2013: It takes a team ... and a motivated patient

3/25/2013: Cardiac team returns retiree to babysitting duties

3/25/2013: Snow woes are all in a day's work for St. Anthony's crews

12/4/2012: Paluck beats battle of the bulge, deals diabetes the death knell

10/10/2012: Physician, Volunteer Nurse receive Spirit of St. Anthony award

10/8/2012: Go Pink and Red for Women event draws more than 250

10/2/2012: New retail pharmacy opens in Medical Plaza Building

9/26/2012: Auxiliary donates $165,000 to St. Anthony's Medical Center

9/26/2012: Breast Center achieves perfect score on state inspection

8/27/2012: Treat painful strains, sprains with RICE

8/22/2012: Innovative paramedic to R.N. bridge program enables paramedics to work while furthering careers

8/6/2012: Back to school - back to bullying?

8/6/2012: Family Birth Center celebrates World Breastfeeding Week

8/6/2012: Whooping cough resurges at alarming rate

7/25/2012: New orthopedic and sports rehab facility opens

7/5/2012: Safe Space Camp participants share experiences, fun

7/4/2012: Independently adorable

6/29/2012: Supply Management team honored with ASCEND 'Peak Performance' award

6/27/2012: Urgent care nurse believes compassion is contagious - she caught it from a loving family and caring co-workers

6/25/2012: How to make the most of your doctor's visit

6/22/2012: Hand, foot and mouth disease more prevalent, severe this year

5/31/2012: St. Anthony's named Supply Chain of Excellence Award winner

5/21/2012: Lifesaving efforts allow local man to walk his daughter down the aisle

5/16/2012: Exceptional life saver awards

5/11/2012: Head colds - they're not just for winter anymore

4/25/2012: Auxiliary celebrates 50th anniversary

4/4/2012: Don't let bug bites and stings spoil your fun

4/4/2012: Physical therapy patient claims he's getting 'best of the best'

1/1/2000: Grilled farmer's market sandwiches

1/1/2000: Red wine chocolate sauce

1/1/2000: Tuscan rice and beans

1/1/2000: Fish with tomatoes, olives and artichokes

1/1/2000: Caramelized onion tart

1/1/2000: Garden linguini

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