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Neuroscience and stroke services

Brain tumor: Could there possibly be a scarier medical diagnosis?

Jeanette Fels
South County

Brain tumor: Could there possibly be a scarier medical diagnosis?

But that’s what I had: a massive lesion on the right side of my head.  I received a warning in September, when I renewed my driver’s license and was unable to see the lights that flashed on my left side during a test at the motor vehicle office. In hindsight, I’d also been experiencing some confusion. That, coupled with my peripheral vision problems, convinced me that something was amiss. Later, I mentioned it to my eye doctor, who thought the vision problems may have been caused by a stroke. An MRI was ordered, which located the tumor.

Dr. Fangxiang Chen, M.D., neurosurgeon with St. Anthony’s Neurosurgery Services, acknowledged surgery was risky: the alternative was that I could lose all my sight and experience seizures. After talking to him, I felt confident he could do a good job.

Dr. Chen performed the surgery on Jan. 14, and everything went smoothly. I was back home two days later, and almost immediately I was back to normal, as far as my brain working properly, my eyesight returning, etc. A few weeks later, I started driving again.

 I can’t say enough about Dr. Chen: he is wonderful. The staff at St. Anthony’s was good, and everyone tried to be helpful to me. Before the surgery, I asked a lot of people to pray for me, and to ask the Lord to help me deal with whatever I had to deal with. Given the gravity of the situation, amazingly, I stayed calm throughout the entire process.

One of my favorite things to do, when I watch TV, is to work the puzzles in the newspaper. For me to do that, my eyesight and brain need to be working at full capacity.  I have no problem working the puzzles these days.

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