Sleep Center

In-Home Sleep Testing

If you have obstructive sleep apnea, you may qualify for in-home sleep testing through St. Anthony’s Sleep Disorders Center. This portable testing system is designed to put you at ease by collecting sleep information in the comfort of your own home.

Under a physician’s order, qualifying patients will meet with a SAMC sleep lab technician, who will provide a comprehensive demonstration of the testing device.

The patient then:

  • returns home with the device
  • hooks up the sensors before going to bed
  • returns the device to St. Anthony’s Sleep Center for data download

The testing system can collect up to three consecutive nights of studies. It records data on snoring, nasal airflow and other types of pressure, abdominal and thoracic movement, pulse rate, body position, electrocardiography and other measures.

More Information

To learn more about St. Anthony’s in-home sleep testing services and whether they are right for you, call St. Anthony’s Health Access Line at 314-ANTHONY (268-4669).