Maternity Services

Family Birth Center

St. Anthony’s Family Birth Center is a warm and inviting place for you to deliver your newborn. Whether you are here for a vaginal delivery or a scheduled or unscheduled Cesarean section, we will take excellent care of both you and your child.

Birth Options

Depending upon how you want to deliver your child, we provide

  • Birthing balls to assist with labor
  • Rocking chairs and showers available in your labor room
  • Mobile Fetal Heart Monitoring (telemetry) – enables expectant mothers the flexibility and freedom to walk around the labor and delivery unit while obstetric nurses monitor and keep tabs on you and your baby
  • Doula-friendly environment – we offer a friendly, accepting environment if you desire to bring a doula (nonmedical labor coach) to assist you before, during and after childbirth
  • Epidural anesthesia - If you opt to have an epidural for pain relief during labor, one of our certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) is available around the clock and will coordinate with your obstetrician to optimize the time to receive an epidural. A board-certified anesthesiologist also is available in the hospital at all times.
  • Scheduled inductions/ Cesarean sections – we will collaborate directly with your obstetrician for scheduled inductions or Cesarean sections.

If you would like to ensure that your plan for the birth of your child is followed, fill out and submit a birth plan.

After your child is born, you will be able to relax, recover and meet with family and friends in our private post-partum rooms. There, St. Anthony’s features a Mother/Baby Care Model, in which one registered nurse is dedicated to taking care of both mom and newborn until you go home. By having one nurse, families have an easy and rapid way to get questions answered, thereby reducing anxiety. Infants typically stay the entire time in the same room, promoting better bonding and more opportunities to feel comfortable with taking care of an infant before you leave.

During your stay, one of our certified lactation consultants will stop by to discuss the benefits of breastfeeding, help you learn how to position your baby, and show you how to use a breast pump, if desired. She’ll also answer any questions or concerns you may have. You are always welcome to call our lactation consultants even after you go home or schedule time to return for a free onsite consultation if you have continued breastfeeding concerns.

Our OB Nurse Navigator will also connect with you in the Family Birth Center if you are scheduled to have or have had an induction or Cesarean section.

Let’s Celebrate!

Before you go home, St. Anthony’s wants to celebrate the birth of your new child by offering a free celebratory dinner. You can choose either a quiet dinner with your spouse/birth partner or elect a fun, family-style option to include your newborn’s siblings.

Sleep Safety

St. Anthony’s Family Birth Center is a nationally certified Safe Sleep Hospital. We are committed to educating new parents and caregivers about safe sleep habits. We’ll also send you home with a complimentary Halo® Sleep Sack for your baby. The Sleep Sack should be used instead of any blankets or bedding in your baby’s crib to ensure safe sleep. More after-delivery care services