St. Anthony’s Cancer Care Center


The physicians at St. Anthony's Cancer Care Center are dedicated to providing the best possible prostate cancer care. Prostate cancer requires a sophisticated level of understanding, as the best outcomes result from the most personalized treatment. Your doctor needs to have the education and experience to make a determination about how best to approach your treatment.

Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Care

At St. Anthony’s Cancer Care Center, our doctors have that experience and expertise. Further, we work in teams of different types of cancer specialists to design the best possible treatment protocols for each one of our patients. Our multidisciplinary team includes:

  • Radiation oncologists: These doctors are in charge of radiation therapy. They will decide whether you are a candidate for radiation therapy and when and how it should be given.
  • Medical oncologists: These are the doctors in charge of deciding on a course of chemotherapy, powerful cancer-killing drugs.
  • Surgeons: Your surgeon will help you decide on the best surgical approach, whether it’s a radical prostatectomy or if you are a candidate for nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy.