St. Anthony’s Cancer Care Center


If your doctor has confirmed a diagnosis of breast cancer, you are probably feeling scared and overwhelmed. St, Anthony's Cancer Care Center breast cancer navigator is here to help. She assists newly diagnosed breast cancer patients understand their options and next steps. She will:

  • explain your treatment options
  • answer your questions
  • review your paperwork with you
  • arrange for the necessary appointments (lab work, imaging tests, other specialists)
  • make sure you understand where you need to go, and how to get there
  • follow-up with you during your testing and treatment phase

Our goal is for you to complete all of the necessary testing within one week, so you can return to see one of our breast surgeons and make the final surgical decision.

Breast Cancer Treatment Options

At St. Anthony’s Cancer Care Center, we tailor your treatment plan to fit your needs and your lifestyle. And we make sure to write down everything, so you have a document you can refer to during the course of your treatment and follow-up care.

Your treatment depends on the stage of your breast cancer and whether the cancer has metastasized (spread). We take into account your family history, general health and lifestyle. Treatment options for breast cancer include:

Before treatment begins, your breast surgeon will discuss all of your options with you. You will need imaging tests in order to stage the disease, which lets the doctors know how advanced the cancer is.

Your breast surgeon's office will make appointments for you with our multidisciplinary team. Our team of doctors works as one unit, so even though you may meet with many health care providers, rest assured that your care is coordinated. Members of your team are in constant contact with each other and with you.