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Home Care specialty programs


Pulse Oximeter

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Phone: 314-525-7300

Fax: 314-525-7301

Disease management is more than monitoring vital signs. St. Anthony's Home Care telemonitor program:

  • uses evidence-based interventions and coordinated communication programs for patients with chronic illnesses including:
    • heart failure
    • COPD
    • diabetes
    • generic monitoring
  • enhances communication between the patient and their health care providers
  • educates and empowers patients to understand the disease process and improve self-care in a proactive manner
  • focuses on health coaching and behavior modification facilitated by home health nurse
  • provides the right care at the right time for the patient

Patient admission criteria

The patient needs to meet the following Home Care criteria:

  • The patient is homebound to be eligible for most insurance. The patient is considered homebound when there is a normal inability to leave home and, therefore, leaving home requires a considerable taxing effort.
  • The patient has a skilled need.
  • The patient has a physician’s order.
  • The patient is able to take care of self or have available caregiver.

Patient and/or caregiver needs to:

  • be able to hear, answer and communicate clearly on the telephone and understand directions
  • have an accessible telephone line and have adequate space for safe set-up of equipment
  • have manual dexterity and be physically and cognitively able to learn or have a caregiver who is able to assist patient in monitoring vital signs. (Vitals monitored include: blood pressure, heart rate, weight and pulse oximeter.)
  • have a willingness to learn and consents to the program

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For information, please call our Health Access Line at 314-ANTHONY (268-4669) or 800-554-9550 or visit find a physician online.

Working as trusted partners, the physicians and employees of St. Anthony's Health System will deliver care distinguished by its demonstrated quality and personalized service. We will be visibly engaged in improving the health and well­ being of the communities we serve in South County and beyond. We will stand together, proud to set the standard for independent community health systems.