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Research trials

Cardiac, vascular and stroke clinical trials

St. Anthony’s physicians and staff regularly work with patients who opt to participate in clinical trials designed to test the effects of medications, medical devices and care protocols in the treatment of heart disorders and diseases. All clinical trials are overseen by a cardiologist, vascular surgeon, neurologist, a neurosurgeon or an interventional radiologist approved by St. Anthony’s Medical Center Institutional Review Board and coordinated by a Clinical Research Coordinator.

Ongoing clinical research trials:

GREAT Registry: A Registry which will collect data and information on patients who are treated with a currently approved and used device to treat aortic aneurysms.  Patients will be followed for 10 years, collecting information from visits and CT Scans that would normally be completed by the implanting surgeon. The Registry will collect information on safety and effectiveness of the current device. 

IBE 12-04 Study: A study using a new investigational device to treat an aneurysm in the iliac artery alone or both the aorta and the iliac artery in patients meeting all the eligibility criteria.  Patients will be followed for 5 years, collecting information from visits and CT Scans that would normally be completed by the implanting surgeon.  This device allows the aneurysm to have a device while still preserving flow to the internal iliac artery, which is not able to be preserved with the current approved devices. 

MISTIE III Study: A study randomizing patients to minimally invasive surgery plus clot dissolving medicine versus standard of care for patients with intra-cerebral hemorrhage meeting all of the eligibility criteria.  The study will determine if using clot dissolving medicine to reduce the size of the clot left in the brain after a hemorrhagic stroke will improve patient functional recovery after a stroke. 

ODYSSEY Study: A study with an investigational injectable monoclonal antibody versus placebo in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Patients will be treated and followed for 64 months to cardiac events, stroke and heart related re-hospitalizations. The investigational injectable monoclonal antibody is intended to decrease LDL cholesterol and risks for cardiovascular events.

RELAX AHF Study:  A study with an investigational recombinant protein medication versus placebo in patients with an acute heart failure episode that requires hospitalization.  Patients will be treated in the hospital with the investigational medication and followed for 6 months to assess for re-hospitalization for heart failure and mortality.  The recombinant protein medication is intended to decrease length of stay, decrease heart failure symptoms and re-hospitalizations for heart failure and decrease 180 day overall mortality in these patients with acute heart failure.

SOCRATES:  A study randomizing patients to Ticagrelor (Brilinta) or Aspirin who present with an Acute Ischemic Stroke or TIA and meet all the eligibility criteria.  The study will compare the effectiveness of Ticagrelor vs Aspirin for the prevention of the major vascular events of stroke, heart attack and death.

For information about these and other clinical trials at St. Anthony’s, please contact our Clinical Research Coordinator at 314-525-1697

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