For Physicians

Physician Relations

St. Anthony's Medical Center strives to create mutually beneficial interactions with our physician partners throughout the community. We always work to provide you and your staff comprehensive information about the services and referral sources available at St. Anthony's Medical Center.

In addition, St. Anthony's seeks community physician feedback. Often your ideas have led to improvements in St. Anthony's processes and systems including referral and communication practices that support patient and physician access to quality care in South St. Louis County. St. Anthony's welcomes joint decision making via a sound hospital-physician relationship.

Physician relations staff

The physician relations department provides information and assistance to community physicians as well as offers a mechanism for communicating suggestions or concerns. The director of physician relations is your personal customer service representative.

The director of physician relations facilitates stronger physician/hospital relationships with a primary emphasis on improving communications and maximizing medical staff engagement and satisfaction through:

  • personal office visits, written correspondence, periodic newsletters and scheduled seminars;
  • promotion of a comprehensive physician Internet portal to obtain patient information and results;
  • education regarding current services/programs offered;
  • communication of key hospital initiatives and activities;
  • provision of honest, timely feedback to the hospital regarding the need to enhance, adjust or add new services;
  • practice development assistance; and
  • superior customer service.