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Ellen Wright

Customer Service

A day in the life of a Customer Service Representative

Ellen Wright, Customer Services Representative

If you’ve ever called the hospital or dialed zero for the operator, chances are you’ve spoken with Ellen Wright. Tucked away in an office on the fourth floor of the hospital, Ellen doesn’t see much of the medical center, but she’s a wealth of information.

As a Customer Services Representative, Ellen knows what’s going on in the hospital and how to connect people. Her main duties include fielding requests from the Call Center, updating the employee directory and filling in at the switchboard when representatives are swamped with calls.

The Call Center, open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., handles requests for housekeeping, clinical engineering and maintenance. If there is a leaky faucet on the third floor of the hospital, an employee dials ext. 1811 to submit a work order. Ellen takes down the information, pages it out to Maintenance and records the information with a ticket. Some days, there are several pages worth of tickets, varying from a light bulb needing to be changed to a squeaky door to a broken pneumatic tube system.

Between calls from the Call Center, Ellen updates the online employee directory, known as Amcom Smart Web, and she verifies the data for every employee in St. Anthony’s system.  Ellen makes sure people are listed in the correct department with the correct title and phone number. This information feeds into the employee directory, which is accessible to every employee through the start menus of their computers.

When the switchboard is inundated with calls and on weekends, Ellen takes calls for the switchboard. The switchboard is open 24/7, covering three different shifts. Switchboard operators field about 3,000 calls a day, ranging from family members calling to reach a relative in the hospital, to someone wanting to speak with caregivers in a nurses’ station. In addition to the switchboard calls, the operators are responsible for code calls and drills.

Code calls come in through a special phone. Generally, a nurse or doctor will call and say, “We have a rapid response or code blue in room XYZ.” The operator pages the code via the overhead speaker system to alert hospital staff of the emergency. Then she accesses a special paging system so the pages go out to all the employees who are on call for that code. The operator verifies the patient’s name and the name of the person who called the code, then records the code in a special directory and follows up with the nursing floor to make sure everybody responded.

Life in the Call Center and at the switchboard may not be glamorous, but it serves a vital function for St. Anthony’s – and it’s never dull.

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