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Notes  from the Heart

Our patients and their families share their gratitude for the compassion and care provided by our staff.

I recently brought my wife to the emergency room, which resulted in a hospital stay. I just wanted to let you know how great the nurses and doctors were while she was there. We were very happy with everyone! Thank you!
I would like to thank the three girls in the Patient Relations Office. They were very understanding and very sympathetic to my problem. They took care of my problem immediately with kindness.
I wanted to give recognition to Nancy Schmitt - Nancy scheduled me for my routine mammogram. She was extremely friendly and represented St. Anthony's well. I wish everyone that I talked to on the phone were as pleasant as Nancy.
I am writing this message because I was recently a patient there. I have to say that I was treated like a queen by staff. Every single employee treated me like I more than mattered. This means a lot to me since I am used to being a giver. I am accustomed to keeping things together so to be taken care of and treated with kindness, respect and dignity is awesome. I'm recovering well and appreciate your help. I might add that I also conducted myself in a proper manner, but that's what I always do. This was also the same morning that the intruder was in one of the buildings and my surgery had a slight delay. The OR staff stayed cool and decided together where they would go if necessary. Safety utmost. I love the "new" St. Anthony's. Awesome staff and everything from beginning to end was amazing! Thank you so very, very much for my care. I'll pass the word along.
My loved one was brought in with severe head injuries. When I arrived, I was allowed to be in the room with him as your emergency team frantically worked to save him. I saw the care, compassion and commitment in the eyes of each one working on him and, although his injuries were too severe for him to be saved, I am eternally grateful for the blessing of being with him in those precious final moments and for the staff who did everything humanly possible to save him. And to the chaplain who stood by me and contacted his family for me when I could not - my deepest thanks. God bless you always.
My wife was visiting friends and family in St. Louis when she fell ill with pneumonia. After five days of care, she was discharged and I was able to drive her home where she is presently recovering. This letter is to tell you about your care and how it affected me, my wife and her opinion of St. Anthony's. I mean to address the care team - and that's not just the doctor and nurse - it's everyone from the janitor or mailroom clerk to the CEO and Chief of Staff. My wife was cared for by wonderful caregivers - including everyone she came in contact with. This is also what I witnessed, albeit at a far lesser level. My wife had been a patient of St. Anthony's some 20 years ago and had a horrible experience. This experience was as far removed from her prior experience as it could be. There was not even a single thing that was less than top notch in the compassion and what looked and felt like real care. I am trying to communicate an almost unbelievable transformation of culture at St. Anthony's, as experienced through my wife's eyes. That is the best achievement a hospital can attain for the patients it cares for and St. Anthony's has done it. I am writing this letter for two reasons: 1) my wife doesn't write letters. 2) I am the CFO for two very small hospitals where we live. I understand about patient satisfaction scores, quality measurements and such. Since my professional journey in healthcare began some 25 years ago, my personal mantra has always been: Healthcare is about the sick and hurting patients and their terrified family members. I wish I could brag with pride about my hospitals the way I brag about St. Anthony's. I have shared my second-hand patient experience with the hospitals I work for. Your care team has already achieved a great transformation to a culture of extraordinary care and caring and I am envious in a good way. I hope you can use this letter to somehow let the care team know their extraordinary caring is evident to this "terrified family member" and both me and my wife - the patient - are more than grateful for the extraordinary caring that she received in the hands of the St. Anthony's care team. It seems a little understated when I close with this: from me to your care team, this terrified family member says, "thank you!"
I am writing to express my thankfulness to the people of St. Anthony's. St. Anthony's is definitely a place of healing. I was assisted by very good nurses and friendly and caring techs. The social services staff helped with my out-of-state insurance company so that I could get into the Acute Rehab program. The physicians, nurses, techs and therapists at Acute Rehab helped me a great deal to recover my strength and mobility. The information and care they have given me has been helpful in my personal rehabilitation efforts. One more word of praise for the comforting and supporting atmosphere at St. Anthony's - the entire staff showed personal interest, care and humor. Visitors were encouraged to participate with patients. The atmosphere was not that of an institution, but of a place to get better.
I just wanted to send a huge thank you to you all. I was admitted to St. Anthony's through the ER. When I stepped out of my car, I was greeted by a man who offered to wheel me in the ER. I declined but thought, "Wow, what a nice person." From there I experienced nothing but wonderful, pleasant and helpful staff. Everyone was so nice. The calm, happy atmosphere of the ER was such a relief for me. From the ER, I was moved to have a CT scan - the lady in there was just as pleasant and made me feel calm. Later I was moved to the fifth floor where I waited until I could get in for surgery. The staff there was just as kind and friendly. I given such good care by all the nurses and nurse assistants. Then there was the surgical staff. From the guys who took me there and back to the nurses and surgeon and anesthesia guy, they were friendly and even comical. I just can't thank you all enough for making my whole ordeal such a pleasant experience. I wish I could remember each individuals name. All I know is that you all have a great thing going there. Thank you again and keep up the great work!
I want to let you know that I had a wonderful and positive experience at St. Anthony's. The entire staff was wonderful. I especially want to mention my nurse, Joel. Joel was an excellent nurse and went above and beyond for me. He made me feel well cared for. Katrina was also very caring and did a wonderful job. I also want to note that the housekeeper was awesome and after cleaning asked if there was anything I needed. I don't know her name, but she was very pleasant and kind to me.
I came in for a sleep study and want to compliment a staff member named Tony. He treated me with kindness, great respect and was very gentle. Tony was like an Angel and was a real gentleman. During the test, I pressed the call button a few times and he was right there within 30 seconds to help me. When I was leaving, Tony carried my heavy bag and escorted me all the way to the parking lot because I wasn't sure which way to go. Tony is the best staff member at St. Anthony's that I've ever encountered.
I would like to compliment one of your employees in the Breast Center at the Medical Plaza - Gabby. She did my routine mammogram today. She has to repeat the same dialogue and routines many times a day but she made me feel as if I was not just one more patient that she had to put through the steps. Rather, she left me feeling like she really cared about my experience at the Breast Center. Thank you for employing such kind people.
I would like to tell you how much we appreciate your nurse, Dave Vaughn, in the ICU. We are so thankful for all he did for wife, my family and me. He helped relieve me of my anxiety and discomfort. He walked me from the darkness into the light. I know this is a simple statement of what Dave did for me, but unless you actually experience the dark place I was in, you cannot understand how much this meant to me. Dave was my mental lifesaver as well as a wonderful nurse. He comforted and helped me. Thank you so much for having Dave as an employee.
On behalf of my entire family, I thank the staff of St. Anthony's. We appreciate the wonderful care from all the employees who took care of my mother from the beginning to the end of her stay. Everyone was so kind to my mom and to the entire family. Everywhere we went at the hospital, staff members smiled and greeted us, which made us feel so welcome and cared about. My family visited the healing garden many times and found it to be a very peaceful, serene refuge. I cannot say enough about the quality of care that my mother received from all the doctors and nurses. They treated her with kindness, dignity and respect. My mom was made as comfortable as possible and despite her circumstances, seemed happy. Nurses - Danielle, Nick and Mary - went above and beyond to give the very best care to my mother. Tonya, a housekeeper, kept my mom's room very clean and always made sure the family had Kleenex since this was a very emotional time for us. Tonya always had a smile and kind words for us. St. Anthony's is a wonderful hospital and I can never repay all the kindness and love that my family and mother received here. Thank you so much to everyone at St. Anthony's.
I wanted to send a note of thanks for your staff's care. I really wanted to make sure you knew how good of a job Ryan, Jeff and Liz did. They were exceptional. Jeff helped me get through a very tough day, Ryan did a great job that night, and Liz was a joy the next day as I started to feel better. I wanted to make sure they got credit as I know that so often all we hear is the bad stuff that happens, with the good being overlooked, or at least not as heralded. Thanks again!
I want to compliment a nurse - Shelly - she was phenomenal! Shelly always came through the door with a smile on her face and no matter what obstacles occurred, she always just rolled with the flow. There also was an awesome male aide. He had a great personality and was very funny. He did his job so well and made me feel well cared for. I had issues scooting up in the bed and he would say 'give yourself a hug' and then scoot the pad underneath me to move me up on the bed.
Lauren was my "angel." I was waiting to get a radiology test and was not feeling well. Lauren got me some warm blankets and kept an eye on me. I started feeling so bad that I almost passed out and a rapid response was called. Lauren and Mary stayed by me through it all, talking to me and holding my hand. I felt that they truly cared about me. Lauren was very tender and loving toward me. It meant so much to have such kind people with me through the whole ordeal.
Beth and Anna Marie are awesome and took wonderful care of me. My medications were always on time and they treated me with respect and I felt like they really cared about my health. I wanted to go smoke, but Beth explained why I couldn't in such a nice way that I didn't even mind not being able to smoke. Both Beth and Anna Marie went above and beyond in their care for me.
Dreena came to speak with me after there was some confusion about my food tray. She was sweet and sincere and handled the whole problem very well. David brought up the correct tray and was also very sweet. He noticed that I was very lonely and stayed for a few minutes to talk with me. I love St. Anthony's and will be shouting your praises far and wide!
I wanted to tell you how great our recent ER visit was! My husband was in a car accident and I took him to your ER to be checked out. It was the best ER experience we have ever had! Thanks so much for the improvements.
My friend had a stroke last year, so when he recently wasn't feeling well, I brought him to your ED in case he was having another stroke. From the time we walked in to the time we left everyone was so friendly and the services were fantastic. The staff couldn't have been better to us. They even looked out for me. Everything was clearly explained to us and we really appreciated the wonderful service he received.
I was recently in the ED and there was a male nurse, Shannon, who was the best nurse I have ever seen. He was very kind and friendly. His attitude and competence makes me want to use SAMC if I ever need to get emergency treatment again.
Last week I entered the emergency room at St. Anthony's with extreme back pain. I spent little time in the waiting room and was later diagnosed with a kidney stone. I just wanted to pass on to you that I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff that treated me. The nurses, Dr. Robert Yeager, even the employee who wheeled me to have a CAT scan, all treated me with a great deal of respect. I cannot thank you and your employees enough for their help. I believe that the St. Louis area is very fortunate to have such a remarkable facility known as St. Anthony's Medical Center. Thanks again.
We had a very good experience and felt well cared for in a recent visit to the ED. The doctor explained all of his findings and was very considerate of my dad's condition and answered all of our questions. I like the pre-work (blood tests) before you get into an examining room so the doctor has all of the information he needs.
I want to thank everyone at St. Anthony's for the excellent care given to my husband. Starting at the emergency room, to his hospital room, we had excellent care. I can't say enough about everyone that helped us - all the care and all the tests, so as not to miss any problems. The nurses were very knowledgeable with good, caring personalities. I would highly recommend the heart division at St. Anthony's to everyone. St. Anthony's it's staff is fabulous!
I just wanted to express my gratitude. I took my toddler to the Fenton Urgent Care today. Our family has used this facility on numerous occasions and we ALWAYS have wonderful customer service. We get in and out which is wonderful when you're not feeling good. I'm so glad your facility is so accessible, open late and open on the weekends!
If it had not been for the exceptional care and out of the box thinking of your physicians and the great care carried out by the rest of your staff, I would not be here to write this e-mail. To say thank you seems so minimal for everything that was done for me. I have to say St. Anthony's would not have been my first choice of hospitals in the past but I believe without a shadow of a doubt that if I had been in any other hospital, I would not be here today. Kudos for the caliber of physicians and staff that you have. I will now recommend St. Anthony's to everyone I know. Thank you again for not only the excellent care but for my life. I truly felt like my team of physicians not only cared about me as a patient but as a person. I have said often since my stay there that I felt like I was an Olympic athlete and my doctors were my coaches. Every time they came in my room, they commented on my progress and encouraged me to keep working hard to get better and congratulated me on how hard I was working to get better. I commend you on the changes you are making and just wanted to say keep up the good work. It matters to all of us in the community who need an exceptional healthcare facility we can count on.
Emergency Department/Heart Unit: When I came to your ER, I thought I had the flu but found out I had a heart condition. I'm still overwhelmed by your facility and the care I received. Elise in the ER and her team scrutinized every symptom and vital sign to determine my illness. She was knowledgeable and skilled, yet friendly and compassionate. I stayed in the heart unit over night. The polished wood floors and French doors made it seem less like and institution. The staff at the heart unit was incredible. A young nurse, Melissa; an RN, Elizabeth; and two nurse practitioners named Teresa and Tamera, really stand out in my mind. They were professional and knowledgeable while being patient, friendly and compassionate. The people that performed the sonogram on my heart and the heart catheter procedure worked together like a well-oiled machine. They immediately instilled confidence and were also kind and patient. There were others who attended me who were every bit as memorable, but I didn't know their names. I hope you can thank and congratulate everyone on the roster in those departments. They should know their efforts were appreciated.
Acute Rehab: The care I received was outstanding! I want to commend you for putting together a remarkable cadre of talented, caring people. I spent most of my time on the fourth floor, first preparing for and then engaging in acute rehab. I had first thought not to mention any specific names for fear of omitting someone who might have done me a kindness but whose name I failed to note. In considering it further, I have decided that two individuals deserve special recognition. One is my physical therapist, Steve. He was great. He guided my recovery with expertise and good humor. He was a perfect "fit" for me and I am certain his efforts allowed me to be discharged a day early. The other is acute rehab night tech, Susan. Nights were particularly difficult for me, but if Susan was on duty I knew all would go smoothly. She was totally attentive, doing little things to make me feel better, always graciously and with a smile. She is a credit to herself, her profession and your institution.
Emergency Department: My mom slipped and fell at a restaurant and was brought to St. Anthony's Emergency Department for examination. St. Anthony's gave excellent care to my mom. All the ER staff was wonderful! The admitting clerk, Shannon, was so kind and made sure my mom was taken back to an exam room right away. Our entire family uses St. Anthony's and we've never been disappointed, but this time was even better than normal.
Cardiac Cath Lab: I was surprised and pleased with the bright and clean room I had directly across from the nurses' station. The nurses assigned to me were vey professional. The courtesy and concern for my comfort and wellbeing was truly refreshing. One nurse, Lisa, really stood out. She seemed to go out of her way to make sure my wife and I were informed of necessary restrictions, care after going home, and what to do in and emergency bleeding situation. In talking to us, she realized that I am naturally nervous and like to keep busy most of the time. She constructed a simple brace to keep me from inadvertently using my wrist while the wound heals. The techs in the Cath lab also performed their duties in a professional manner. In summary, you have great staff in your lab.
It was not necessary for you to put a full-page article in the Post-Dispatch about the intentions of St. Anthony's Medical Center.

Our family has experienced it already! Our son was examined at St. Anthony's and a brain tumor was found. A few days later, he was operated on and the tumor was removed. His doctors visited with him and assured him that his future looks healthy!

My wife and I were present during this procedure, treated well and kept informed - we even visited with some of the doctors.

We are impressed and will spread the word.
My fiance' was admitted to your ambulatory surgery unit and ultimately stayed overnight at your facility.

During that time, I had the pleasure of observing your staff performing their duties and was most impressed with the professionalism, skill and compassion they extended to us and others using your facility at a most stressful time in our lives.

Your staff went above and beyond to insure we felt that we were in capable, caring hands and did their best to soothe our anxieties and the nervousness that goes along with "hospitalitis."

From the moment we entered your doors we were greeted with a friendly, courteous smile from Amy, a caring and competent ambulatory surgical nurse; Debbie, who answered all of our questions with knowledgeable patient friendly answers; and a highly skilled and proficient IV nurse, Pam.

The OR team was excellent as they explained in detail all that would be happening during the transfer from the holding room to the OR suite.

After the procedure, the recovery room nurses truly went above and beyond to comfort my fiance' during a difficult transfer.

The fifth floor nursing teams assigned to my fiance' were FABULOUS! I can say they all are patient oriented and wanting to provide the best care for those patients placed in their care. The skill level they displayed was beyond reproach and I would like to commend each and every one of them on a job well done. Sue, Donna, Missy, Nikki and Ashley - each and every one of them went out of their way to see that he was properly assessed, cared for and comforted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. These nurses made me proud of the nursing profession to which I am also a member.

I have been the Director of Nursing at facilities as large as 300 beds with as many as 250 staff, thus, when I say you have exceptional nurses, please note that I do know what to look for and how to assess the care, attitude and professionalism exhibited by staff. Your staff was excellent and I would encourage you to nurture your younger, less experienced nurses and encourage them to continue their nursing education while retaining them at your facility; they are rising stars. I would also encourage you at the same time to acknowledge your more mature, long-term experienced nurses through peer recognition.

The Respiratory therapists also performed with competence and explained all procedures to my fiance' during their visits with him as he required oxygen usage.

I would be remiss if I did not mention your housekeeping and maintenance staff. The hospital was clean, odorless and dust free. The walls, windows and doorways were dent and chip and hazard free. The tile floors were shining, the shower stalls were clean and the supply closet in the room was well stocked. The housekeeping staff also portrayed a warm and welcoming demeanor as they did their tasks with the highest regard for patient privacy and comfort.

My fiance' and I felt that we needed to take the time to say thank you and to insure that you are aware of the wonderful staff you have and to assure you that we will not hesitate to recommend St. Anthony's Medical Center to any one of our friends and associates.

Thank you for a job well done.
I was totally impressed with your hospital and staff. I have been coming to St. Anthony's for my family and friend things for over 30 years, too many to bore you with. But this time it was ME! The nurses, anesthesia physician, recovery staff and floor personnel were amazing. I never waited for anything and they obviously shared information because I never thought anyone was behind the curve! The housing staff, nurse assistants, nurses and phlebotomist staff all worked together as a unit which provided care and service far beyond what would have been acceptable. I would put a good word in for any of these many fine people at any time based on my experience.
St. Anthony's will always be number one in our book. When I was in the hospital, the staff was outstanding, the nurses and assistants took great care of me. St. Anthony's has always been my first choice for health care - all of my family's doctors are at St. Anthony's.
I want to give a big shout out to the awesome group that work in the radiation/oncology department! They made my time going through radiation treatments so much easier! They are a VERY caring group of individuals!
I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for the service you and your highly qualified team performed on me. The experience was wonderful. As a patient for two days, I marveled at the complexities of managing a small city. The activities a patient sees and those that are not visible. The immense physical plant, the myriad sophisticated medical equipment, the laundry, the disposable items, not to mention the food service and probably the most important - human resources selection, training and commitment.

Every St. Anthony's employee has selected a profession that requires exceptional education, commitment and an in-depth understanding of the physiology and psychology of human beings. But above all, everyone possesses a deeply held passion for your fellow man. In this, as a patient in your care, I can say that you have exceeded any and all expectations.
I was recently a patient at St. Anthony's. When I arrived, I knew I was at the right place. EVERYONE at St. Anthony's was so friendly and knowledgeable. They made me feel like they cared and I was a part of the family there, and valued as a person, not just another patient. Whenever I left my room to have a test done or to go for a walk, I noticed that the sign of a great hospital is when you see EVERYONE smiling - from the person cleaning the rooms to the doctors that took care of me. I was always treated with compassion. I would not hesitate to come back to St. Anthony's and its wonderful staff whenever I need it and I would highly recommend this hospital to any of my family and friends and know that they would be in excellent, caring, capable hands. A special shout-out to the crew on 5 West, you guys are tops!
My nurse was excellent. He always took the time to provide us with clear descriptions of what was going on and to answer our numerous questions. This information provided my family and me with a great deal of comfort and relief, as we are far better coping with a known situation - even an unpleasant one - rather than speculating on the unknown. My nurse also performed all of his nursing tasks with extreme competence - he's extremely devoted to his patients. For that matter, all of the nursing staff I encountered appeared to be extremely competent, hard working and devoted to the care of their patients. I believe they should all be commended.
SAMC is such a lovely hospital! You must only hire nice people because everyone is so nice!
My relative was well cared for by all the staff and I could see that many of them had such caring hearts.
Words cannot express how these professionals took care of our family. We are extremely grateful.

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