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Emergency Department and Trauma

Excellent emergency care

Sheila Parris

I was visiting from out of town and woke up with a pain that would not go away.  By the time I arrived at the ER, I was vomiting.  I never made it inside, but was outside by the trash can, when a wonderful nurse came rushing outside to help me.  I was shown to a room right away, and after about 15 minutes, I was seen by the ER doctor.   To make a long story short, I was admitted to the hospital, for surgery the next day.  I just want to thank everyone that I came in contact with.  They were all so wonderful, and helpful. 

There are two people I really wanted to point out by name.  First the lady down in CT.  I was so scared, and before putting me through the test, she talked to me, and told me exactly what to expect.  She even put a vest on and stayed with me a few minutes to make sure I was ok.  Unfortunately, I do not remember her name.  It was Sunday morning on Oct. 13th around 4:00 a.m.  I hope that helps you in giving her the recognition she deserves.  The second person I want to recognize is my nurse, Lauren on 5 East.  She was my night nurse, she is the one I kept hopping for two nights.   She had to wake me up when I laid on my IV's and keep setting the alarm off. Plus, she had the job of keeping me calm the night before surgery, and she did it all with a smile, and never a harsh word or look! Please don't think just because I named these two people only, that the other people who helped me don't deserve recognition either.  I just don't remember their names.  When I came in the ER, I was in so much pain, I wouldn't have remembered much, then after surgery I was in recovery, and while I know a wonderful nurse was there taking care of me, because I do remember a small conversation, I don't recall her name.  Plus when I was put back in my room, I had two wonderful people, one nurse and one NA taking care of me, but I slept through most of the morning, so again, I missed their names.  So please know, while I may not have remember their names, its not because the care of excellence wasn't there.  It is just because my circumstances prevents it.  Again, I want to thank everyone that had any hand in my hospital stay, and say what a wonderful job you ALL did!!

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