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Should you see a doctor?

Do you need to determine how sick you are? St. Anthony's Medical Center subscribes to HouseCalls© online decision tools by emergency care experts Barton Schmitt, MD, FAAP, and David Thompson, MD, FACEP.

Use these tools to help make a decision and act:

  • select a health topic,
  • answer a few questions, and
  • use your common sense to decide whether to call the doctor or take care of yourself at home.

About the authors:

Barton Schmitt, MD, FAAP, and David Thompson, MD, FACEP, provide the content. Both physicians are experts in emergency care and leaders in telephone triage tool development.

Barton Schmitt, MD, FAAP

Dr. Schmitt wrote the first book on pediatric telephone triage in 1980. In 1994 he wrote the first computerized pediatric triage protocols. His pediatric protocols have become the standard of care for telephone triage in the United States.

  • Practicing Pediatrician
  • Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Medical Director of the After-Hours Call Center at Children's Hospital, which covers evening and weekend, calls for over 400 pediatricians and family physicians in Colorado and Wyoming.
  • Director of General Consultative Services at The Children's Hospital, including the Sleep Disorder Clinic, Diagnostic Dilemma Clinic and Enuresis-Encopresis Clinic.
  • Degree in Chemical Engineering from Yale University. Doctorate of Medicine from Cornell University. Pediatric residency completed at the University of Minnesota.
  • Author of more than 100 articles and chapters on pediatric health care, six books and the clinical content for six software programs for physicians. Including the following milestones: the first book on pediatric telephone triage (Pediatric Telephone Advice, 1980); the first computerized pediatric telephone triage protocols (NHES, 1994); the American Academy of Pediatrics publishes the printed version of his triage guidelines (Pediatric Telephone Protocols); the award-winning child care book for parents (Your Child's Health).

David Thompson, MD, FACEP

  • Assistant Medical Director (Operations) and Vice-Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at MacNeal Hospital. Former Medical Director and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine for six years.
  • Former Medical Director of the MacNeal Health Network Medical Call Center for five years.
  • Clinical Instructor in Medicine at the University of Chicago.
  • Actively involved in information technology and quality assurance, including: leadership role in guiding hospital IT infrastructure towards improved physician workflow through Internet technology; chair or member of both hospital-based and national quality assurance committees; developed database and educational tools to promote benchmarking and quality improvement; developed software and served as lead editor for one of the earliest emergency medicine CME computer based training programs (Illinois College of Emergency Physicians 1993); lecturer in the area of telephone triage and advice ; author of numerous medical articles; special research interest: patient satisfaction.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois. Doctorate of Medicine from University of Illinois. Combined residency in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine completed at Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Northwestern University).

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