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Yikes! It's the Holiday Season! How will I ever get through it?

Mom and dad with two children in their pajamas in front of the Christmas tree.

The holidays are about more than just food.

The holiday season is a time of joy, but there are many stresses that come along with it. If you have diabetes, glucose control could be one of them. But never fear! Belowe are some tips for making it through the holiday season from our diabetes educators. Check back on the TalkDiabetes blog (or subscribe) as we'll be providing additional tips through December to help you enjoy the holidays while maintaining your sanity and diabetes control!

1.  Take deep breaths and RELAX.

Even though the holidays can be very busy and hectic, keep reminding yourself this is all supposed to be fun!  Try not to stress about the little stuff.  For a quick way to relax, practice breathing properly.  This increases oxygen in your blood, strengthens abdominal and intestinal muscles and releases tension.

  a.  Think of your lungs in 3 parts.

  b.  Breathe in and fill up the bottom part lifting your diaphragm and keeping your chest still.

  c. Fill the middle area of your lungs and feel your chest expand.

  d. Fill the upper portion and feel your shoulders rise slightly.

  e. Set a regular time each day for deep, slow breathing.

  f. Do 10 breaths, 4 times a day, or whenever you need to unwind.

2.  Allow time for EXERCISE.  Especially on days with lots of holiday eating, allow time to take a walk or play a game with the kids or family outside.  It will help lower blood glucose back into the normal range and burn some calories.

3.  Prepare healthy foods.  Check out this website for "A Diabetes-Friendly Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving Plate.”  There are even some healthy recipe ideas that can cut some calories and carbs from your Thanksgiving favorites.

4.  Count all your blessings!  For some, the holidays can be a time for depression, and for others it can be so busy, one doesn’t know if they are coming or going.  Hopefully you can think of a multitude of good things to be thankful for in your life.  If you truly cannot think of any blessings, then speak with your doctor or counselor to help you manage and see hope for a brighter day.

Wishing you many BLESSINGS for the holidays, from your St. Anthony's Medical Center Diabetes Education Team.

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