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Caring for the community

Jackie Flowers with her twins, Nick and Anna

Jackie Flowers with her twins, Nick and Anna.

Partnership with Parents

Parents as TeachersWhen Jackie Flowers found out she was having twins, she didn't feel overwhelmed at all. “I was joyful,” she remembered. “The overwhelming feeling came about a month after they were born!”

Gaining confidence as a parent

Anna and Nick Flowers are now healthy, happy three-year olds. And their mother feels calmer and more confident about her parenting skills thanks, in part, to the Parents as Teachers program in the Affton School District. Parents as Teachers helps professionals and organizations work with parents during the critical early years of their children’s lives, from conception to kindergarten. When state budget cuts for the Parents as Teachers program meant that many of the group educational sessions might be eliminated, St. Anthony’s stepped in and sponsored the Parents as Teachers speaker’s series in Affton and five other local school districts to keep this valuable resource for parents.

“I attend as many of the speakers’ sessions as I can,” said Flowers. “They provide excellent education and socialization programs for my children and me.”

Flowers believes that without the speakers’ series, she would have to take the time to search the Internet or read reams of paperwork to find good, reliable answers to questions all new moms have. Plus, she can actually ask those questions and hear responses to other questions that the other parents have. “We’d be missing out on a lot. Some of the school staff would have knowledge, but to have an expert in the field is very good.”

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