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Move it!

Your BODY keep it young anytime, anywhere

Between work, meals, chores, activities, the kids and bed, it’s tough to find time for a daily exercise regimen.

But it’s easy to work the exercises into your daily routine, and they’re important tools to fight the long-term effects of aging and to build strength and flexibility, said St. Anthony’s Physical Therapist Maureen Blackburn. Blackburn has 36 years of experience as a therapist and has a diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment.

“I spend my whole day trying to teach people how to sneak exercise into their daily living,” Blackburn said. “I understand it's a challenge to get to the fitness center all the time.”

Blackburn recommends the following exercises:


In the office, while at the copier, put all your weight on one leg and raise the other. Reverse legs and repeat. Everyone has a dominant leg; some people will find it easier to balance on one leg.

What it does: Builds strength and balance. Loss of balance, which leads to falls and broken bones, is one of the leading reasons older people are taken to hospitals.


Scoot to the end of your chair, feet flat on floor, hip-width apart. Look forward, move your shoulders over knees, and stand up without looking down or using arms. Then reverse the process: sit down while touching the chair so gently, you wouldn't break an egg. Repeat.

What it does: builds strength and flexibility. Sitting down hard causes microtrauma to spine.

How to work into your schedule: Set up your computer to beep once an hour. Do this exercise three times at each interval.


In the car, with the seat belt across your abdomen, pull your stomach muscles in and away from the seat belt.

What it does: strengthens the transversus abdominus muscle, which supports the lower back. Weak transversus abdominus muscles can be a factor in lower back problems.

How to work into your schedule: remind yourself with adhesive, garage-sale-style stickers on the car’s rear-view mirror and other locations.

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