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Kym Huie, yoga instructor

Yoga instructor Kym Huie practices a pose during one of his classes at the Body, Mind, Spirit Center.

You can do this!

St. Anthony’s offers a variety of yoga classes, including Basic Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and PiYoga, with convenient daytime and evening hours. Click for a schedule of classes, or call 314-ANTHONY (268-4669).

Relax and refresh

Yoga balances body, mind, spirit

Originally used as a means to meditate and connect with the divine, yoga is now used by millions worldwide to reduce stress and promote fitness.

From its roots in ancient India, the practice of yoga lends itself to versatile exercise techniques that can be tailored to fit those young or old, physically fit or with mobility issues.

“With 40 to 50 million people doing yoga in America, it’s huge,” observed Kym Huie, who teaches yoga classes in St. Anthony’s Body, Mind, Spirit Center. “Most people come to yoga for exercise: I always try to tell people, yoga is like a suit of clothes. A good instructor can tailor the poses to everyone’s needs, whether for relaxation, for stretching and flexibility, or for balance and strength.”

In addition to exercise, the physical poses of yoga can help with breathing. Each yoga pose is connected intimately with the breath, which can help the body release toxins and stress.

And people with various physical challenges can enjoy the restorative benefits of yoga.

“I have an older clientele, and some of them have physical issues,” Huie, who himself is in his fifties. “We’re nowhere near as flexible as we were as young kids. Certain people aren't going to be able to get on the floor, so they can do the poses from a chair; and props such as straps and blocks can make the postures more accessible.”

Getting with the program: Tips from Kym

“You have to be an educated consumer and look around,” said yoga instructor Kym Huie. He offers these tips for finding a class that works for you:

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