Patients & Visitors

Discharge Planning

From the moment you are admitted to St. Anthony’s Medical Center, our staff works as a team to help prepare you for your discharge. Because St. Anthony's is not the only place for you to recuperate, our team wants to help determine the best plan for you and your family.

Your discharge plan

St. Anthony’s staff works together to develop a care plan appropriate for you, which may include:

  • going home where a home health professional may care for you,
  • going to a rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility where you can regain strength and function, or
  • going to a long-term care facility.

To help coordinate the recommendations made by your health care team, a member of the case management (social services) department will work with – and for – you and your family. Your case manager will help you make arrangements for medical, physical and emotional needs you may have as your care is continued in other settings.

Your doctor will authorize your discharge and write a discharge order in your patient chart. Discharge plans will be discussed with you by your doctor, nurse or care manager.

Discharge time

The Medical Center discharge time is 10 a.m., unless otherwise indicated by the physician or your care needs. If your departure is delayed on the day of discharge, we may move you from an inpatient room to a comfortable outpatient area. If your physician has prescribed any medication for you to take when you leave the Medical Center, please inform your nurse or our pharmacy staff that you would like your prescriptions filled here. Your medications will be delivered to your room prior discharge.

Managing your health at home

You can access all of the information you need to help keep you and your family in the best of health by calling 800-554-9550 for:

  • Comprehensive physician referral, with access to all the primary care physicians and specialists on staff at St. Anthony’s Medical Center.
  • A schedule of upcoming community health classes and the ability to immediately register for those that interest you.