Patient Rooms

St. Anthony's Medical Center's John K. Pruellage Heart & Vascular Center was designed to create an ideal patient environment from the windows to the bed placement. Every room has a sleeper sofa for a family member. Even the bathrooms and doorways are designed for optimum ease of access.


  • Each patient room is equipped with a wheelchair-accessible private bath, with walk-in shower and durable Silestone quartz sink with motion-activated sensors.
  • Four patient rooms on each floor are outfitted with patient lift equipment.
  • Monitoring desks are located outside each of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) rooms, so that clinicians may keep watch on patients without disturbing them.
  • Fold-away toilets in each room allow patients to use the bathroom without having their IV tubes disconnected, and enable nurses to stay in the patient’s room.
  • Each SICU room is equipped with lift equipment rated to hold up to 600 pounds, which prevents injury to both patients and staff.
  • Glass-enclosed blinds offer patient privacy as well as infection control.
  • Large nurses’ stations, private conference rooms where physicians and staff can speak to family members, private doctors’ dictation areas and conference rooms.