Advanced Operating Suites

Each state-of-the art surgery suite in St. Anthony's Medical Center's John K. Pruellage Heart & Vascular Center measures at least 650 square feet and is equipped with three high-definition surgical wall monitors. The large, flat-screen monitors give physicians immediate access to the patient’s vital information on one screen, with imaging, such as X-ray or CT, on another, and can be remotely controlled by an integrated computer.

Surgery is enhanced by images viewed through a special lens and projected onto a monitor. Equipment and electrical cords are attached to overhead booms, where they can be moved into place as needed. The integrated technology and ergonomic design allows for faster, safer surgeries, expanded surgical capability and improved documentation for better patient care.

Surgery suites also are equipped with the latest LED lighting, which emits a pure white, shadow-less light, with exceptional quality and intensity, enabling the surgeon to see tissue in its true colors. It burns much cooler than halogen lights and uses 40 percent less energy.