Orthopedic Services

Quality Outcomes

The orthopedic surgery team at St. Anthony’s is committed to providing premier care for all patients undergoing orthopedic or spinal surgeries. We have a high volume of patients — an important distinction because medical centers with higher volumes have historically better patient outcomes.

Our collaborative approach and dedication to patient care has resulted in outstanding quality outcomes for our patients:

Case Volume

Total number of Orthopedic Procedures

*FY 2016

Total Joint Replacements (hip and knee)

Year     Knee     Hip    Total   
2014 899 499 1,434
2015 957 611 1,568
2016 819 552 1,371

Average Length of Stay

2.72 days, knee replacement; 2.56 days, hip replacement
*FY 2016 

High Percentage of Patients Discharged Direct to Home

(versus skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility)

91.1%, knee replacement; 85.1%, hip replacement
*FY 2016

Low Readmission Rates (% of patients readmitted within 30 days)**

0.01%, knee replacement; 0.3%, hip replacement

*FY 2016 
** National average is 4.3%