Orthopedic Services

Pain Management

To ease pain and discomfort before, during, and after surgical procedures, St. Anthony’s Medical Center has a team of board-certified anesthesiologists who staff a comprehensive Acute Pain Service in the hospital.

All anesthesiologists have advanced training in regional anesthesia and acute pain management as well as chronic pain management.

For orthopedic and spinal procedures, there are several ways to reduce or alleviate perioperative pain.

Nerve blocks are localized injections of nerve-numbing anesthetic to interrupt the pain signals sent to the brain. These nerve blocks, in some cases, can eliminate the need for general anesthesia. The nerve block is performed with ultrasound guidance in order for the block to be performed in the safest manner.

Nerve catheters, also performed under ultrasound guidance, are placed preoperatively on the day of surgery. This advanced technique allows for constant infusion of medication around the nerve to prolong pain relief after surgery.

Epidurals and spinal anesthetics may be used in some orthopedic procedures. These provide additional benefits to patients beyond just pain relief. Your anesthesiologist can discuss some of these benefits with you when you come to the hospital for your surgery.