Imaging Services

Dual-Energy Radiography

Dual-energy radiography subtraction is an excellent option for anyone who is over the age of 50, is seeing an oncologist or pulmonologist or has a history of asbestos exposure.

The system excels in detailing calcifications in the lungs from asbestos exposure or arterial calcifications and can be used to assist physicians with tracking the placement of cardiac pacemaker wires and other lines. The most important feature about duel-energy is its ability to subtract the bones, which allows the radiologist to see nodules that may be hidden behind the ribs.

Patient Benefits

There’s no difference to the patient between a dual-energy X-ray or a standard chest X-ray. However, with one breath-hold, this imaging technology can obtain a standard X-ray, as well as digitally remove bones or soft tissue to display second and third images.

In addition, a dual-energy chest X-ray doesn't cost any more than a standard X-ray, but it could make the difference in finding an abnormality faster so that treatment can begin sooner.


Dual energy radiography services are only available at the Plaza Outpatient Imaging Center.