What is a Hospitalist?

Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in the care of the hospitalized patient. As the lead provider of your health care team, your hospitalist will manage the medical team; coordinate the services you need; make sure you see the proper specialists at the right time; keep the doctors and others up-to-date; and stay in touch with your primary care physician. As an expert in hospital care, a hospitalist is the ideal person to manage your treatment from the moment you are admitted until you are discharged. All hospitalists at St. Anthony's are board-certified in internal medicine.

Why would I want a hospitalist to take care of me?

  • Your hospitalist looks out for you.  Should problems arise, your hospitalist team is never very far away because they are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week at St. Anthony's. The hospitalist sees you daily and can help you have a  smooth hospital stay by coordinating visits from specialists, scheduling tests, and adjusting your treatment as often as necessary.
  • Your hospitalist answers you and  your family's questions. Since your hospitalist is nearby, he or she can usually answer your questions in person. They can spend more time talking with you and your family, and provide your most current test results and health information in order to give you the fullest picture of your care. Ask your nurse to page the hospitalist if you want to speak with him or her.
  • Your hospitalist helps your primary care doctor be more available to you and others. Since hospitalists at St. Anthony's Medical Center spend all their time caring for you and your primary care physician's other hospitalized patients, your primary care doctor has more time to spend with patients at the office

Will I see my primary care doctor while I'm in the hospital? 

Your Hospitalist is in contact with your primary doctor throughout your hospital stay, keeping him or her current regarding your care and needs. As a result, your primary doctor may not need to see you in the hospital, although he or she may certainly visit you if time allows.

What happens when I'm ready to leave the hospital?

When it is time for you to be discharged, your hospitalist will be in touch with your primary doctor to inform him or her of any additional treatment; help arrange appropriate follow-up care; and prescribe medications. Then, the hospitalist will discuss discharge medications and follow-up with you and your family.

What else should I know about St. Anthony's hospitalist service?

We pursue our mission - to provide the best care to every patient, every day - by working hard to ensure that our clinical practices are true centers of excellence, staffed by highly-skilled providers and supported by state-of-the-art medicine and technology. 

St. Anthony's Medical Center Hospitalist Service

Munier El-Beck, MD - Medical Director

Jennifer McBride-Hobbs, BSN, RN - Nurse Manager

If you have questions about a St. Anthony's Hospitalist, please speak with your primary doctor, nurse, or call our office at 314-525-1328.