Hospice Field Program

Donations and Contributions

How Will My Donation Help?

St. Anthony's Hospice depends on the financial support of others in order to provide hospice care to patients in need. We are committed to providing care, regardless of financial circumstances, and your gift or contribution can make a difference in many ways. Your donations assist us in ensuring that our ministry remains strong. We take pride in knowing your donations go back to the communities we serve. Your tax-deductible gift will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged.

Who Benefits From My Help?

Your family, your friends and your neighbors, as well as your entire community.

Giving Opportunities

Please visit the St. Anthony's Charitable Foundation website for ways to donate and help support our work. For further information and/or assistance please call our Development Department at 314-525-7330.

I Cannot Donate at This Time. How Else Can I Help?

Consider becoming a hospice volunteer. Our volunteers are truly the "heart of hospice" because they are involved in almost everything that we do. They exemplify the hospice philosophy of neighbor helping neighbor. For more information on volunteering, contact our volunteer coordinator at 314-543-6869.