Hospice Field Program

Bereavement Support

Support for the bereaved has always been an important aspect of St. Anthony's Hospice continuing care. We offer bereavement support for relatives of patients who have been cared for either at home or within "our home" at the de Greeff Hospice House.

The close relationship that develops with families during this period provides hospice staff and volunteers with a continuing opportunity to express their caring. As part of our bereavement services, we help those in mourning about the normal process of grief and provide supportive care.

Counselors are available to support patients and families as they learn to cope with loss or fear. One-on-one counselor sessions are provided at no cost to families.

Support Groups

Hospice support groups offer information about the mourning process, emotional support and an opportunity to share experiences with others who are coping with a loss. Support groups and individual counseling are offered to adults and children on a regularly scheduled basis. These groups also are open to other members of the community who are grieving, whether or not they are grieving the loss of someone who received hospice care. St. Anthony's support group meetings are held in a confidential setting and supportive environment.

Newly bereaved grief support groups are open to anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one within the last six months. This group is time-limited and covers six grief-related topics. Participants are encouraged to join the groups at any time within six months after their loss and plan to complete all six sessions consecutively. The day group meets the first and third Tuesday monthly from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Open grief support groups are offered to anyone at anytime following the loss. There are usually no planned topics or format with the focus being on support for one another. The daytime group meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 1 to 2:30 p.m. The evening group meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Both groups meet at de Greeff Hospice House.

If you would like more information about bereavement resources offered through St. Anthony's Hospice, please call our bereavement coordinators at 314-525-7314 and 314-543-6873.

Spiritual Care

Hospice care embraces all aspects of life — physical, emotional and spiritual. The very core of the mission at St. Anthony's Hospice recognizes that we carry out the healing mission of Jesus Christ.

Our staff makes spiritual care a priority and we all participate in spiritual care at some level. Issues of the meaning, relationship and peace with God — among other things — can become quite focused, to the point of struggle or crisis, during the time of terminal illness. The supportive presence, listening and appropriate intervention of a hospice chaplain can be a tremendous help to hospice patients and their families.

Chaplain Services

  • Care is provided to patients, families and caregivers according to their desires and beliefs. Beliefs will be honored and respected.
  • Our chaplains are open, sensitive and non judgmental — accepting of different beliefs, cultures and values.
  • Our hospice chaplains are a resource and will assist in connecting people with clergy of their own faith group or other professionals upon request.
  • Our chaplain can make arrangements for or officiate funeral/memorial services.
  • For home patients, a chaplain typically calls and arranges for an initial visit within five days of a person's admittance into hospice. St. Anthony's at de Greeff Hospice House patients also are visited promptly by one of our chaplains. From that time forward, our chaplains will continue to visit or just be available to visit and offer support.

Life Review Video Program

St. Anthony's Life Review Video Program is a project that enables those with a terminal illness or family members who are grieving to talk about their lives on camera. The interview is then edited with favorite family photos and music added, so that a life story can be shared with others.