Home Care Services


St. Anthony's Home Care orthopedic program is designed to follow the patient throughout their complete surgical and rehabilitation process by providing post-operative hospital and home care treatment.

Services Provided

Following post-operative surgical procedures, our nursing staff assess the patient and provide patient/family education. This includes the following services:

Skilled Nursing

  • care for incision care, dressing changes, staple/suture removal and S/S infection
  • venipuncture and fingerstick PT/INR
  • instruct on medication regimen and side effects
  • drain maintenance and removal
  • assess nutrition and pain
  • assess bowel/bladder function
  • assess and teach S/S thrombosis

Physical Therapy

  • assess weight bearing status and safe use of assistive devices
  • establish home exercise program
  • assess transfers/home safety
  • assess ROM and strength and develop therapeutic exercise plan
  • determine safe use of CPM, if applicable
  • follow up incision assessment/care and nursing instruction

Occupational Therapy

  • assess ability and safety to perform ADLS
  • educate on personal care and bathroom transfers
  • recommend equipment for home safety

Other Services

  • provided by home health aides and medical social workers