Home Care Services


Why Use St. Anthony’s Home Care Balance Program?

  • fall prevention – reduces the fear of falling
  • improves functional mobility
  • improves quality of life and builds self-confidence
  • keeps patients in their home

Who Can Benefit?

Patients who would benefit from St. Anthony's Home Care Balance Program include, but are not limited to those with a:

  • high fall risk or history of falls
  • generalized weakness
  • neurological issues
  • vestibular issues

Balance Assessment and Interventions

Physical therapists use several assessment strategies and assessment tools including:

  • Tinetti’s
  • Timed Up and Go test
  • Functional Reach test
  • balance grades assessment
  • sensory input
  • mechanical requirements
  • motor components

Physical therapy treatment interventions may include, but are not limited to:

  • strength and balance strategies
  • nutrition and hydration
  • individualized home exercise program with continued emphasis for on-going success
  • dynamic standing balance activities and instruction
  • address sensory impairments
  • vestibular stimulation