Diabetes Education

Nutrition and Diabetes Education Program

The nationally certified Diabetes Education Program at St. Anthony’s Medical Center is led by a staff of highly qualified Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) who have earned recognition as leaders in diabetes education. 

Educators are trained in diabetes specialties, such as low vision service, carbohydrate counting, glucose monitoring and insulin pump therapy.  They will work with your physician to provide you with the comprehensive support and training you need.

Whether you are newly diagnosed with diabetes, have had diabetes for years, have pre-diabetes or gestational diabetes, we offer comprehensive diabetes self-management training that includes full instruction on:

  • disease overview
  • nutrition counseling
  • physical activity
  • blood glucose monitoring
  • diabetes medications and insulin
  • insulin pumps and sensors
  • acute and chronic complications of diabetes
  • sick day management
  • skin and foot care

You also are invited to participate in our diabetes support program, TalkDiabetesClick here for more information on this valuable resource also led by our highly trained team of CDEs.

Diabetes Consultation

If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes or if you have had diabetes for years, depending on your insurance coverage, you may be eligible to meet for a consultation with our diabetes educators.
Call (314) 525-4523 today to learn more.