St. Anthony’s Cancer Care Center

Cancer Clinical Trials and Research

Some of the most advanced clinical trials for several types of cancer are available at St. Anthony’s Medical Center. Clinical trials are a way for patients to receive comprehensive, compassionate care while also receiving some of the newest cancer drugs and treatment options that have shown promising results but are still undergoing evaluation before approvals.

Through the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, we are a designated clinical trial affiliate of Washington University School of Medicine. We participate in studies with other research groups sponsored by the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Central Institutional Review Board, which reviews all clinical trials at St. Anthony's and is approved by St. Anthony's Research Subcommittee. 

To make the process easy, we have a dedicated oncology research coordinator who routinely identifies patients at St. Anthony’s who could benefit from joining a clinical research study. Once identified, the research coordinator notifies the patient’s physician, who then determines if the patient’s condition matches the clinical trial criteria. The decision to participate is a personal decision made by each patient in consultation with their physician.

St. Anthony’s currently has several NCI investigators actively recruiting patients for clinical trials.

List of current Clinical Trials

For more information contact the Oncology Research Coordinator at St. Anthony’s Medical Center at 314-525-4928.