St. Anthony’s Cancer Care Center

Cancer Myths & FAQs

The diagnosis of cancer can trigger many questions and concerns from both cancer patients and their loved ones. Many myths about cancer treatment also may make you unsure of your recommended treatment program. Here are some common myths and questions:

Top 5 Cancer Myths

FALSE. Most patients scheduled for radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy are able to receive their treatments on an outpatient basis. These treatments often require frequent trips to the medical center, but doctors will work with you to optimize your ability to continue work and remain active.

Common Questions

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are almost always done on an outpatient basis, enabling you to go home and work most of the time. Surgery typically requires a brief hospital stay. Your cancer specialist will determine the best treatment options for your type of cancer. You also can request to receive outpatient cancer treatment at an infusion center or radiation oncology center close to your home.