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What is Good Mental Health?

People who enjoy good mental health report a general sense of comfort and satisfaction with life and their place in it. Each person's ability to function or perform at an adequate level in their major life-roles, such as parent, child, student, husband, wife, employee, etc., also plays an important role.

Mental health is made up of how well you function in regard to your:

  • thoughts,
  • emotions, and
  • behaviors.

Any one of these parts can become out of balance due to stress, sickness, substance abuse, chemical imbalances etc. When this occurs, it can lead to problems.

For example: If you are so depressed that you can’t work, it will begin to affect how you see yourself. Negative thoughts about worth…such as, “I am not worth much, I can’t even work,” make the situation worse. This can cause more depression and a downward spiral. Take a free depression self-test.

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