Acute Rehabilitation Unit

Transitional and Community Re-Integration Services

The Acute Rehabilitation Team works to enhance every patient’s ability to return home or to a community setting, such as independent or assisted living.

Several innovative programs assist patients in their transition:

Transitional Apartment — Located within the Acute Rehabilitation Unit, St. Anthony’s has a transitional apartment that contains a living, kitchen and bedroom area. The apartment provides a homelike setting and enables patients and families to practice skills they need for daily living under the guidance of therapists and before discharge.

Dining Room Program — While still receiving treatment in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit, some patients are encouraged to eat meals in the unit’s homelike dining room. This enables patients to interact with others while being monitored in case of any lingering concerns, such as swallowing difficulties or other impairments.

Home Evaluations — St. Anthony’s therapists are available to provide home evaluations for patients nearing discharge. These evaluations assess homes for safety and accessibility.

Community Re-entry — Supervised trips into the community often help patients with re-integration and recreation. This voluntary program, led by therapists, helps patients develop physical, social and emotional skills necessary to optimize their return to lifestyle activities.


Home Care/Outpatient Therapy Services — When appropriate, the Acute Rehabilitation Team will assist patients and families with arranging for in-home care and/or outpatient therapy following discharge from the Acute Rehabilitation Unit.