Acute Rehabilitation Unit

Amputee Services & Prosthetic Clinic

St. Anthony’s Medical Center has an acclaimed program, called the In-Stride Amputee Rehabilitation Program, to specifically to support patients who have undergone amputation. The program focuses on key issues faced by amputees, including

Prosthesis selection — Selection of an appropriate prosthetic device is critical for fit, function and comfort. Each amputee will be provided with information and receive individualized assistance to help make an informed decision about which prosthetic company will best meet their needs.

Follow-Up Care — A rehabilitation physician, a prosthetist and therapist will meet with amputees together as part of a multidisciplinary approach to assess prosthesis readiness and monitor progress after a prosthetic is selected. Patients also may receive services from a case manager, dietitian, diabetic educator, skin/wound nurse, recreational therapist and/or a psychologist. This provides a “one-stop” service for amputees. To schedule an appointment for the prosthetic clinic, call 314-525-4522.

Support — In-Stride has a dedicated Amputee Support Group for amputees and their families, friends and caregivers. The support group is open to all members, regardless of whether or not they are/were patients at St. Anthony’s. In addition to quarterly meetings at St. Anthony’s Medical Center, other activities and events are held in various locations. For more information, call 314-525-4561 or visit the Amputee Support Group website.