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Maureen's Gardening Tips

Maureen Blackburn

Lifting heavy objects
Face the object, feet hip-width apart. With back in neutral spine position, lower yourself by the legs, grasp the object and pull it close. While holding the object, use the legs to stand up. Pivot with the legs to turn.

Using a shovel
Instead of bending at the back, put yourself in a stagger pose and bend at the knees. Do a short push of the shovel and pick it up with your legs.

Using a hoe

Keep spine in neutral position. Bending the knees, pull back and forth with the legs, not the back.

In general
Use your legs to lower to gardening level. If you can’t kneel, sit on a stool. Don’t lean over.

Remember: Chest up and keep your nose between your toes.

See Maureen's demonstration in action:

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