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Childbirth and Fertility

Happy family in a postpartum room

Family Birth Center Tour

Tour of the Perinatal, Labor & Delivery, Nursery and Postpartum areas

Lamaze Classes

Lamaze Class

The 4-week Lamaze Class covers many topics to help prepare expectant parents for all aspects of childbirth. With the help of fathers or labor support partners, mothers are taught Lamaze breathing and relaxation techniques to help them through labor. A movie about childbirth is shown, and tours of the Family Birth Center are given. The program includes the Epidural Class for women who are considering using epidural anesthesia during labor. (If registering for this class, we strongly recommend also taking the Caring for Your Newborn Class.) Participants should bring two pillows and a blanket, dress comfortably and attend with the person who will be supporting them during labor.

CPR Class

CPR for Family and Friends: Infants and Children

This one-session class has been developed by the American Heart Association and introduces expectant and new parents to the principles of basic life support for adults, infants and children. Each participant is required to register individually. Participants receive a course participation card.

Caring for your newborn

Caring For Your Newborn Class

In this one-day class, detailed information about infant care, including feeding options, normal new born characteristics, reflexes, bathing and more, is covered. The information in this class also is included in our six-week Lamaze/Infant Care Class.

Lamaze Classes

Lamaze Class - One Day

This class is intended for those couples unable to attend a six-week Lamaze Class. Participants should bring four pillows and a blanket, dress comfortably and attend with the person who will be supporting them during labor. Please bring a sack lunch.

breast feeding class

Breast-Feeding Class

Expectant and nursing mothers, and their partners, are encouraged to attend this class that offers tips on successful breast-feeding.

Grandparents Class

Grandparents Class

This class is designed to meet the needs of new and expectant grandparents and to prepare them for their supportive role in the family. The goal of this class is to improve communication between the generations. A discussion of changes and current trends, including sleep positions, infant feeding and safety issues, are among the topics covered. Participants also tour the Childbirth Center.